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Industrial Operator Panels WebOP-2000 Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Operator Panels WebOP-2000 Series

Industrial Operator Panels WebOP-2000 Series

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Industrial Operator Panels WebOP-2000 Series

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  1. Industrial Operator Panels WebOP-2000 Series

  2. All New Wide Screen Operator Panel WebOP 2000 T Series • Wide range of screen sizes (4.3” ~ 10.1”) • Over 300 PLC communication protocols. • Bundled Ethernet/IP Protocol in Field Communication.

  3. User-Oriented Design Concept • Save Space by Slim & Compact Design • Easy Wash by Front Flat-Sealed design with IP66 protection. • App-Oriented with Landscape & Portrait Screens. • 4.3”, 7”, 10.1” wide screen LCD 16:9 solution. • (10W) Low power consumption design. 10W Screen Orientation 42mm IPX5 IPX6 Wide Screen 16:9

  4. Support Over 300 PLC Drivers Serial: • RS232 -- Fetak/Delta/Omron/Panasonic/Allen Bradley... • RS422 -- Mitsubishi-FX/ Koyo / • RS485 -- Siemens PPI, MPI / Modbus Ethernet: • Allen Bradley (MicroLogix/ControlLogix/CompactLogix) • Mitsubishi-Q Ethernet • Omron (SysmacCS/CJ series FINS/TCP) • Modbus TCP/IP Building Automation: • BACnet / BACnet/IP • (Honeywell, Johnson Control)

  5. OS Support – Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 • Runtime Support – RTOS/WinCE/XP/XPe/Win7 • Development Interface – English /Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) /German/Spanish/Polish/Thai • Intuitive object-oriented concepts programming. • Graphical Tree-structure Workspace Interface. • Object display support 52 Multilingual. HMI Development Software Simple Free Easy WebOPDesigner is proven in many application fields and is an easy to use integrated development tool featuring solution-oriented screen objects.

  6. Target Marketing and Application Structure. • Successful installations • Machine automation • Factory automation • Building automation • Automated parking • Food and beverage production • Applications that use: - Programmable logic controllers (PLC) - Thermal controller sensors - Communication enabled sensors - Motion controllers - Inverters

  7. Secure Intellectual Properties & Anti-Piracy Functions • Individual Authority Setting (8 Levels) • Project files, global macros, and password tables can be protected by different passwords. • Copying and uploading of an application can be prohibited in advance. • Buttons, switches, and data entry objects can be disabled or hidden dynamically by the current user level or the specified bits.

  8. Easy to Configure Data Collections and Historic Data Displays • You can save/load collected data (up to 16 different data sources) to/from a file by a function button or macro program. • Historic Event Table displays collected data and history of predefined events in tabular form.

  9. Flexible Project Size Exchange • All objects can be resized to fit the new screens without creating new projects 5.7” 320x240 10.1” 1024x600

  10. Easy To Connect PLCs w/ 4 steps Project Initial 1 2 3 4 5 1. Link Name: For the application selection 2. Link Type: Direct Link (COM/Ethernet) Communication Service (Com/Ethernet) 3. Device/Server: Device –PLC or Controller Brand Server – Controller Model Name 4. Link Port: Com1/Com2/Com3 & Ethernet 5. Sub-links Multiple PLC controllers Controller Installation Add Links Link Properties Setting / Config Project Name

  11. Reduce Develop Time by Intuitive Compiler & Off-line Simulation Tools • Verify the correctness of all the settings and designs • Optimize the communications with the connected controllers • Interpret macros into compact and ready-to-execute codes • Jump to the program line by Click Fault message directly • Convenient tool for design verification • Offline simulation 60 min • Online simulation 60 min (Competitor Wintek only support 10min) Simulator Application Ethernet COM port Online simulation Offline simulation

  12. Flexible Runtime Download • Download the panel runtime data using any of the following port whenever the WOP unit is running: • Serial port, Ethernet port, USB client port, USB disk, Micro-SD • Use USB Flash Disk or Micro-SD for on-site runtime update without carrying the PC! (Competitor Delta did not support this function) Developing Maintains

  13. Wireless Application • With some specific application, the length of Ethernet cable might cause the application issue in the real site; Therefore, the wireless communication between HMI would be a solution to satisfy the issue of cable length. All the IP address should be in the same network domain. (here we use 192.168.1.XX). The data transmission in/out WOP is pass through the EKI-6311GN. Data sharing EKI-6311GN IP: EKI-6311GN IP: Wireless Link WebOP – MasterIP: WebOP – Slave IP:

  14. Remote Management Topology DTH • DTH for remote data acquisition and update program. • VNC server support remote access & control via Ethernet. • Database Management - Controller data sharing and transfer between WebAcess and WebOP Designer through Modbus TCP protocol. Remote data acquisition and AP update Database Management Remote monitoring and control Modbus TCP Modbus RTU VNC

  15. VNC Server - Remotely Controlling Your HMI • The VNC server inside WebOP allows it to be remotely controlled and monitored by any computing device, such as a laptop, a PC, a touch pad, or a smart phone, that has VNC client capability. VNC Client Viewer VNC Server WebOP-3000T WebOP-2000T Smart phones Touch Pads Internet Ethernet Controller/PLC Password Secure Logon Laptops Controller/PLC Desktops

  16. Official Website Document Center- Online Technical Support Services - Example Software Usage Video TECH NOTE Manual Software Download & Promotion Help & Manual Style

  17. Successful Application Screens Process Control System (Beverage Industry) Automated Elevator Control System Semi-Conductor Coating Equipment Oven Control System HVAC Control System Automated Parking System

  18. Greenhouse Control (Temperature & Humidity) WOP-2070T-N2AE Ethernet Schedule Function Control Modbus TCP/ Modbus RTU • Support up to 48 schedules to switch on/off controllers and I/O. • Save the efforts of programming separate controllers for scheduling operation. • Automatically save date to file. On: 10:00 am -> Off: 10:30am On: 03:00 pm -> Off: 03:30pm On: 8 am -> Off: 9 pm Automatically save date to (*.csv *.txt *.LDF files) Sprinkler System Temperature Meter Humidity Meter Sprinkler System

  19. Building Lighting Control • Operation Logging date record and display. WOP-2040T-N1AE Operation Logging Data Display Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Remote I/O module ADAM-4000 series

  20. Packaging Application • Delivering a high degree of durability with a low total cost of ownership is akey factor for efficient packaging. Versatile Alarm Monitoring • Up to 16 discrete alarm blocks and 16 analog alarm blocks can be monitored and recorded. • Up to 8 data values can be read and recorded along with an alarm event. (Key feature, competitor no this function) WOP-2100T-N2AE Mitsubishi PLC

  21. Food and Beverage Control Ethernet Port Serial Port (Direct Link) • Automated mixing and blending systems are designed to provideaccurate proportions of ingredients with quick recipe changes whennecessary. WOP-2121V-N4AE Flexible Recipe Adjustment S7-300 MPI Port S7-200 PPI Port S7-1200 Profinet Port No Converter Needed Daisy Chain connection

  22. Inverter Process Data Collections & Historic Displays Secure Intellectual Properties • Historic Event Table displays collected data and history of predefined events in tabular form.(up to 16 different data sources) • Individual Authority Setting (8 Levels) • Project files, global macros, and password tables can be protected by different passwords. WOP-2070T-N2AE Omron PLC

  23. Fieldbus Control System • Advantech ‘s remote I/O series support the PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP protocols to satisfy customers’ needs of real-time data acquisition in various industrial automation applications, such as chemical and petrochemicals, food and beverage processing and pharmaceuticals.

  24. Automated Parking System • Automated Parking System combines a traditional elevator parking system with computerized guidance software.

  25. Automatically Feeder • Hydraulic Bar Feeder Multi-language Keyboard Display For easy operation and settings. Alarm list for easy trouble shooting. Platform type of bar loading configuration for free bar centering adjustment and time saving.