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Industrial Wall Panels PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Wall Panels

Industrial Wall Panels

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Industrial Wall Panels

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  1. Industrial Wall Panels Establishments such as factories, storage facilities, and shopping malls may require walls that offer increased protection from mechanical and chemical damage. This is why industrial wall systems are commonly used in both commercial and manufacturing establishments. In fact, this type of walling has found its way into residential establishments such as hotels, condominiums, and even homes as well in recent years. What are the Benefits of Industrial Wall Panels? One of the most obvious benefits of having an industrial wall system is its increased durability compared to regular walls. Industrial wall systems are highly resistant to

  2. common damage such as scratches, stains, and dents. These walls are also reinforced using a mixture of resin, fiberglass, and other materials as well as an epoxy coating that gives it its shiny finish. Industrial wall systems also feature a special coating that makes them resistant to moisture and bacteria. Protection against moisture caused by changing temperatures and pressure prevents water damage. On the other hand, protection against bacteria makes industrial wall systems one of the most sanitary options available in today’s market. They even come with antimicrobial additives to make them safer. There Are Limitless Design Choices Another reason that a lot of people are attracted to industrial wall panels is that they can easily accommodate different fixtures and additions. This could be as small as shelving for cupboards or as big as truck doors for a loading bay. These walls also come with different aesthetic options such as various colors, textures, and in some cases, even patterns. Industrial wall systems could be made to look like wooden planks, stone tiles, or even old bricks. The basically unlimited design choices for these wall systems are perfect for commercial and residential establishments – those that are built to be as attractive as possible for prospective visitors and investors. Industrial wall systems also have rounded corners, which make them less likely to cause injuries, especially to kids that like to run around. Industrial Wall Panels Are Cheaper than Expected

  3. Now, you may start thinking that all this comes at a price. While it is true that industrial wall panels may seem more expensive at the start, they may save you a fortune in the long run. You won’t have to replace them as often or spend as much on maintenance. In fact, you only need to clean them once every couple of weeks to keep them in the best condition. Industrial wall systems are also fairly easy to install despite their added functionality. You again save more money by not having to pay inflated construction costs and because your business operations will resume sooner than expected. Industrial wall systems can also be installed in multi-story buildings, which is an attractive prospect for those with large businesses. However, contrary to what some people might think, the use of industrial wall systems is not only limited to large-scale projects. Smaller buildings can also use them. So if you’re looking to upgrade the walls your residence or your business establishment, or if you simply want to give them a new look, you may want to consider industrial wall systems by Extreme Epoxy Coatings. We service commercial and residential clients across California from Northern California all the way to San Diego.

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