giving directions let s recap n.
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Giving directions : let’s recap ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Giving directions : let’s recap !

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Giving directions : let’s recap ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Giving directions : let’s recap !. What’s the English for… ?. Turn right ( into …). Tourne à droite. Turn left ( into …). Tourne à gauche. Turn right into Oxford Street. Tourne à droite dans Oxford Street. Go up the street. Remonte la rue. Go down the street. Descends la rue.

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Presentation Transcript
turn right into
Turn right (into…)

Tourne à droite

turn left into
Turnleft (into…)

Tourne à gauche

turn right into oxford street
Turn right into Oxford Street

Tourne à droite dans Oxford Street

go up the street
Go up the street

Remonte la rue

go down the street
Go down the street

Descends la rue

take victoria street
Take Victoria Street

Prends Victoria Street

cross the thames
Cross the Thames

Traverse la Tamise

cross the street road
Cross the street/road

Traverse la rue/route

go past walk past
Go past…Walkpast…

Passe devant…

go straight on
Go straight on

Va tout droit

keep going straight on
Keepgoing straight on

Continue tout droit

take the first left
Take the first left

Prends la première à gauche

take the first right
Take the first right

Prends la première à droite

it is at the corner of and
It isat the corner of … and …

C’est au coin de … et …

it is opposite
It is opposite…

C’est en face de …

it is far from
It is far from…

C’est loin de …

it is on your right
It is on your right

C’est sur ta droite

it is on your left
It is on yourleft

C’est sur ta gauche