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Chapter 8, Section 3 Notes

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Chapter 8, Section 3 Notes

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Chapter 8, Section 3 Notes

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  1. Chapter 8, Section 3 Notes • Title: Increased Tensions, 1833-1835 • Main Idea: Conflicts increased as Santa Anna switched to the Centralist Party. • Key Terms: cholera, repeal, malaria, dictator

  2. I.Austin’s Missions Is Stalled • Austin traveled to Mexico City, but SantaAnna was out of town; and a choleraepidemic was killing thousands. • Frustrated, Austin wrote a letter to Texans in SanAntonio about the difficulties he faced and encouraged them to form their own government.

  3. II. Austin is imprisoned and Released A. When Santa Anna returned, he did not grant Texas separate statehood, but agreed to repeal, or do away with, laws restricting immigration from the U.S. B. He also agreed to improve the court and postal systems in Texas. Austin was pleased.

  4. II. Austin is imprisoned and Released C. BUT, Austin was later arrested at Saltillo because of the letter he sent to Texan authorities in San Antonio. SFA was jailed in MexicoCity for 1 year. E. He was later released and he returned to Texas in September 1835, where many awaited him at the BrazoriaInn!

  5. III.Reforms Begin in Texas • In addition to the cholera epidemic, many cases of malaria, a disease carried by mosquitoes, added to the Texans suffering. • Santa Anna’s reforms, or changes, began in Texas in 1834.

  6. II.Reforms Begin in Texas C. One of the reforms included recognizing English as the official language of Texas. D. Also, Colonel Almonte inspected Texas and reported that all was well and the reforms should continue. E. Colonel Almonte also recommended that SFA be released from prison.

  7. IV.Trouble Erupts Again A. Meanwhile, William B. Travis and a group of TX colonists from San Felipe marched on Anahuac in protest of customs duties. • They forced the garrison commander, Captain Tenorio to release a merchant named AndrewBriscoe. C. Several Texas towns nearby disapproved of Travis’s actions and apologized to General Cos, the commander of the Mexican forces in Coahuila (province next to Texas).

  8. V. General Cos Rejects the Apology A. General Cos wanted Travis and the others arrested by Texas officials. • Result? Cos, on the orders of Santa Anna (now a Centralist), arrested Lorenzo de Zavala, a Tejano politician who was critical of Santa Anna. C. Zavala also helped frame the Constitution of 1824, which favored Texas colonists.

  9. VI. Texans Call for a Consultation • The Texas colonists were unwilling to turn in their friends (Travis and others). • Result? They called for a consultation, or special meeting, seeking independence from Mexico. C. One group of colonists, known as the Peace Party, wanted friendly relations with Mexico

  10. VI. Texans Call for a Consultation D. Another group, the War Party, led by Travis and William H. Wharton, favored the Consultation seeking independence. E. SFA sided with the War Party, convinced that Santa Anna was becoming a dictator, or ruler with absolute power. Overall Result? SFA urged the Texas people to unite, as the “Road to Independence” had officially begun. (see chapter 9)

  11. Assignments for Today • 8-3 Guided Reading/Section Quiz. • Due Tuesday! • Study your “Brazoria Inn” character. • Write your “toast” (if you give one) • Do NOT lose your foldable! (or points off grade)