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Egyptian Influences and Symbols PowerPoint Presentation
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Egyptian Influences and Symbols

Egyptian Influences and Symbols

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Egyptian Influences and Symbols

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  1. Egyptian Influences and Symbols

  2. The Solomon Key • Dan Brown is rumored to have written a sequel to The da Vinci Code, and a possible sub-topic of Langdon’s quest could be on Egyptian influences on the Founding Fathers and the building of our Nations Capitol

  3. Akhnaton - Influences • Our democratic society was influenced by the Pharaoh Akhnaton • He is one of the first democrats • His religion viewed all people equally, and was tolerant to all religions

  4. Plan of the Capital • The alignment along Pennsylvania Avenue, between the White House and the site of the Capitol building (Jenkins Hill), with the site of the rising of the brightest star in the sky, Sirius • Sirius symbolized the New Year to the Egyptians and it also has close ties to the goddess Isis

  5. The Washington Monument • An obelisk signifies power, continuity, immortality and resurrection • Found in pairs in front of Egyptian Temples • An obelisk also symbolizes the stability of the Egyptians sun god Ra • Could have wanted to portray George Washington in a Godly way

  6. Scottish Rite House Temple • Ovason states in his book that it is "the only architectural pyramid in Washington D.C., which seems to reflect the seal pyramid is distinctly Masonic" • The pyramid, for the Egyptian, was a way to get closer to God and truth, and Freemasons were all about finding truth and knowledge • The Scottish Rite House of Temple was also built during a significant celestial time, according to Ovason “the Moon and Venus [were] together (conjunct) in Virgo”

  7. The Sacred Feminine • The Scared Feminine is basically the representation of the mother symbolized through images connected with fertility and reproduction • One of the earliest representations of the Scared Feminine is the Egyptian goddess Isis, the most powerful of all the gods • "Ovason sees the capital of the United States as being founded by Masons, and devoted to the goddess principle - be it Isis, Demeter, or the Virgin" (Taylor 79).

  8. A next book… • Will Dan Brown publish the currently speculated The Solomon Key? It is hard to tell because it has remained unpublished for at least a year • What will it include? That’s just as hard to know, thought there has been speculation, and books have been published about what could possibly be included it, but those are just speculations • Why hasn’t he published it yet? Only Dan Brown and his publisher knows, but it could possibly be that he is hesitant because his last book was such a success, but this one might not be, or he could possibly have writers block. Whatever the reason it doesn’t seem like its coming out any time soon OR IS IT…

  9. Conclusion • Egypt influenced the Founding Fathers on their views of democracy, and their views of how the people should be treated, like freedom of religion • Many buildings and structures have Egyptian influences, like the Washington Monument and the Scottish Rite House Temple