Holcomb R-III School District No Tax Increase Bond Issue Project April 2, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

september 20 2011 n.
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Holcomb R-III School District No Tax Increase Bond Issue Project April 2, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Holcomb R-III School District No Tax Increase Bond Issue Project April 2, 2013

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Holcomb R-III School District No Tax Increase Bond Issue Project April 2, 2013
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Holcomb R-III School District No Tax Increase Bond Issue Project April 2, 2013

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  1. September 20, 2011 Holcomb R-III School DistrictNo Tax Increase Bond Issue ProjectApril 2, 2013

  2. Improvement Objectives • Update and modernize the facilities to meet current educational needs. • Fund improvements without raising the tax levy. • Improve student comfort, safety, and academic performance. • Improve acoustics for better learning. • Preserve long term facility viability. • Reduce ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

  3. Needed Improvements • Total Costs $1.9M – NO TAX INCREASE BOND ISSUE • Upgrade and modernize auditorium interior including seating, flooring, stage, sound, lighting, and HVAC systems. • Repair exterior brickwork and structural issues. • Upgrade lighting to improve energy efficiency. • Install new Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Systems to provide comfort, reduce energy costs, and eliminate costly repairs to outdated equipment. • Replace windows, exterior and interior doors improving comfort , reducing energy waste, and increasing security. • Repave parking lots and repair sidewalks.

  4. Holcomb School District Existing Conditions Originally constructed in 1955, with various additions throughout the years, many building systems are outdated and in need of major renovations.

  5. Existing Conditions- Auditorium • Dated conditions • Torn seating • Stage needs upgrading • Lighting and AV Systems need updating • HVAC system past useful life • Poor acoustics and noisy HVAC systems

  6. Auditorium Interior Issues Poor lighting and stage curtain Seats in poor condition Asbestos floor tile and worn out carpeting

  7. Auditorium HVAC Issues Poor Design of the HVAC ductwork creates noisy and uncomfortable conditions. Ductwork will be re-designed to provide better air distribution and quieter operation. New acoustical ceiling will be installed.

  8. Existing Conditions- Brickwork • Moisture causing significant damage to brickwork • Tuckpointing, brick replacement, and water sealing is needed • Roof flashing needs to be replaced to stop water damage • Cracks need to be addressed

  9. Auditorium-Brick Work Issues Squirrels are getting into the building and creating additional issues

  10. Auditorium-Brickwork Issues Steel I -beam is supported by block masonry that is cracking. Rear wall is separating due to settling and causing major cracking and structural issues

  11. Auditorium Brickwork Issues Major crack developing on exterior of facility

  12. Auditorium Brickwork Major rework and replacement of brick is required after stabilization

  13. Brickwork and Window Issues Crack forming on corner of facility Windows in poor condition and not thermally efficient Moisture issues causing brick to crack and break off from freezing and thawing

  14. Existing ConditionsParking Lot/Sidewalks • Parking Lot/Sidewalks • Patching • Potholes • Cracking • Deteriorated asphalt • Water drainage issues

  15. Existing Conditions - Parking Lot

  16. Existing Conditions - Sidewalks ADA accessibility issues and cracking should be repaired. Sidewalks near auditorium are lower than the pavement and flood when it rains.

  17. Existing Conditions - HVAC Gym Cooling system is in need of replacement. Ductwork is not sufficient for proper air circulation.

  18. Existing conditions - HVAC Outdated and inefficient HVAC equipment throughout the campus should be replaced with high efficiency equipment.

  19. Existing conditions - Gym Lighting • Gym lighting is inefficient and wastes energy. • Fixtures produce poor lighting levels

  20. Windows and Doors • Several single pane window systems are inefficient. • Exterior entrance doors inefficient and outdated.

  21. Bond Issue Project • Auditorium Interior modernization • Energy efficient HVAC system replacements • Energy efficient lighting retrofits • Gym/High School Windows • High School Lockable and Secure Interior Doors • New Locking Mechanisms on Interior Doors of the Elementary Classrooms • Secure Exterior doors High School and Elementary • Brick and Roof Repairs • Remove and replace damaged brick • Tuckpoint and seal • Paving/Concrete Work • Sidewalks

  22. Bond Issue • Money can be raised WITHOUT raising the tax levy. • Project improvements will reduce Districts operating cost for energy and repair cost. • Projected savings over 20 years for this phase: • Energy savings over $280,000 • Operational savings over $1,000,000 • Good management of finances by the Board of Education has made this possible.

  23. April Election Impact • Scenario 1 – Bond Issue Passes: This would allow for extensive renovation of the Holcomb School District Campus. Renovations to include the upgrade of auditorium, structural and brickwork repair, replacement of windows, doors, lighting, HVAC systems, and roof/drainage repairs. The results of the project will lower the operations and maintenance cost for the District and provide a high quality learning environment for the students. Funds would also continue to be available to maintain these improvements and meet the educational needs of the district.

  24. April Election Impact Scenario 2 – Bond Issue Fails: Excessive energy bills and maintenance costs would continue to escalate on equipment that is well past its life expectancy. Buildings will continue to deteriorate and structural issues will not be rectified. Poor indoor air quality in the classroom would impact the educational needs of the students. Eventually a tax increase would be required to do major repairs and construction.