St johns county fog recycling project
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St. Johns County FOG Recycling Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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St. Johns County FOG Recycling Project. What is FOG?. FOG stands for: F ats O ils G reases. Where does FOG come from?. Most FOG comes from: FRIED FOODS. Where does it go?. If FOG goes down a sink drain, the first place it does harm is in the pipes in your home.

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St johns county fog recycling project

St. Johns CountyFOG Recycling Project

What is fog
What is FOG?

  • FOG stands for:




Where does fog come from
Where does FOG come from?

Most FOG comes from:


Where does it go
Where does it go?

  • If FOG goes down a sink drain, the first place it does harm is in the pipes in your home.

  • FOG cools and becomes solid in your pipes and can cause a clog.

But that s not all
But that’s not all….

  • Once FOG goes down the drain, it enters our sewer system and:

    • Clogs up sewer pipes

    • Causes sewers to overflow

    • Pollutes our land and waters

What can i do
What can I do?

  • Make a FOG Catcher

    You’ll need:

  • A grown-up

  • A metal or glass container that won’t melt or shatter

Whenever food is fried
Whenever food is fried:

  • Ask a grown-up to help you

  • Let the grease cool to room temperature!

  • Pour leftover grease into your FOG Catcher

  • Wipe excess grease in pan with a paper towel and throw it in the trash

  • Keep adding to your FOG Catcher until its full

  • Take the FOG Catcher to your local Grease Recycling Drop Point….

Grease recycling drop points
Grease Recycling Drop Points

  • St. Johns County has 3 grease recycling drop points:

    • State Rd. 16 Fleet Maintenance

    • Anastasia Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

    • Tillman Ridge Landfill

St johns county recycled grease project
St. Johns County Recycled Grease Project

  • After you drop off the grease from your FOG Catcher…

  • The recycling team will take it to a Biodiesel Plant.

  • That’s where your grease will be turned into fuel for county cars and trucks.

It’s up to each one of us to keep FOG out of the drains.It’s better for our homes.It’s better for our planet.

Thank you from

The St. Johns County Utilities Pretreatment Department