The sims go to college
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The Sims Go to College. Mary Dziorny University of North Texas United States Quotable Quotes.

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The sims go to college

The Sims Go to College

Mary Dziorny

University of North Texas

United States

Quotable quotes
Quotable Quotes

…up to this point, education has been based on a model of scarcity because it was hard to get good academic material. It was hard to get the right kind of books. It was hard to get access to the teachers. So naturally, school formed a solution, an economical way of delivering information, using the classroom model, using the teacher model. What you got is a really constrained environment. Today, it’s about abundance: what do the models for learning look like now?

- Randy Hinrichs

Quotable quotes1
Quotable Quotes

It is amazing to me that in the modern age, when we have technologies like the Internet and the hand-helds and the computers and the computer games, we are still teaching inside four walls, where all the information is coming from within those walls and where all students, regardless of the amount of preparation they have, are sitting together.

- James Paul Gee

Quotable quotes2
Quotable Quotes

Right now, universities are still, to a large degree, structurally nineteenth-century institutions. Everyone says, ‘We want to go to the twenty-first century, and we want to get this latest technology.’ But it’s not about the technology. It’s about the way that your culture is organized.

-J.C. Herz

Definition of dgl
Definition of DGL

  • No concise definition

  • Any digital game can be used for DGL (Prensky)

  • For this presentation, computer based or console based video games

Why dgl
Why DGL?

  • Many students now are part of the “twitchspeed” generation

  • Learner-centered, learner-guided form of learning

Why dgl1

Active, Critical Learning Principle

Design Principle

Semiotic Principle

Semiotic Domains Principle

Metalevel Thinking about Semiotic Domains Principle

“Psychosocial Moratorium” Principle

Committed Learning Principle

Identity Principle

Self-Knowledge Principle

Amplification of Input Principle

Achievement Principle

Practice Principle

Ongoing Learning Principle

“Regime of Competence” Principle

Probing Principle

Multiple Routes Principle

Situated Meaning Principle

Text Principle

Intertextual Principle

Multimodal Principle

“Material Intelligence” Principle

Intuitive Knowledge Principle

Subset Principle

Incremental Principle

Concentrated Sample Principle

Bottom-up Basic Skills Principle

Explicit Information On-Demand and Just-in-Time Principle

Discovery Principle

Transfer Principle

Cultural Models about the World Principle

Cultural Models about Learning Principle

Cultural Models about Semiotic Domains Principle

Distributed Principle

Dispersed Principle

Affinity Group Principle

Insider Principle

Why DGL?

Dgl in the classroom
DGL in the Classroom

  • Civilization III- used to teach various historical and political concepts

  • Age of Empires

  • Hidden Agenda- used to teach politics, history, economics, sociology, culture

Dgl in the classroom1
DGL in the Classroom

  • SimCity- used to teach Public Administration

  • SimEarth- allows students to manipulate otherwise unalterable variables

  • Railroad Tycoon

    All three also allow students to observe behaviors of systems over time.

Contact information
Contact information

Mary Dziorny

University of North Texas

United States