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  2. History We currently market products in 41 states EFES is a division of Senior Advisor Service, Insurance Services, Inc., a marketing organization since 1986 EFES began writing business in 2005 Our sustained success is fueled by: The emergence of one of the premier Final Expense marketers in the country! LeadPrograms CompetitiveProducts Proven Selling System Exceptional 24/7 Agent Support

  3. Why Sell Final Expense? A simple sales process ensures that your closing ratio is very high. Final Expense is by far the quickest and easiest way to enter the insurance industry and start earning substantial income. An average full-time producer should realistically earn well over $100,000 a year. You are selling an insurance product that complements (rather than competes) with just about every other kind of insurance. The Final Expense target market is limitless! Every 7 ½ seconds someone is turning 50 years of age.

  4. Why We LOVE The Final Expense Market! Highly-qualified Leads! Every lead you call on has requested information on exactly what you have to offer. The need exists! The target market for Final Expense Insurance is low to middle income retirees. Every one of these individuals needs some type of Life Insurance. One Call Close! Most Final Expense agents are able to complete the sale on the first visit. You wake up every day knowing you are providing a solution almost everyone needs! Final Expense Insurance is likely the only solution your client can qualify for and afford. The Final Expense market is the fastest growing demographic in the Nation.

  5. Who is our target market? Seniors Ages 50-85 Blue collar retirees with low-income to mid-income levels People who are concerned about being a financial burden on their loved ones Advantages of working in the Final Expense Market Sales are quick and easy because you are not selling a sophisticated product You are in charge of your schedule – Make it to the soccer game, dance recital and plan a vacation ZERO Underwriting on Simplified Issue products Commissions are paid on a daily basis We will make sure you have a consistent lead flow each week

  6. Importance of leads

  7. Three Types of Leads A Leads These leads are assigned to the agents every Saturday Excess A Leads Any non-purchased lead less than 3 months old Platinum Excess A Leads Gold Excess A Leads Silver Excess A Leads Bronze Excess A Bonus Leads Platinum – any non-purchased lead between 30-90 days old Gold – any non-purchased lead between 91-270 days old Silver – any non-purchased lead over 9 months old Bronze – any non-purchased lead prior to 1.01.2008

  8. Mail Meetings Your PPL, In-House Lead Inventory, and Total Submitted Business for the month factor into the decision as far as the amount of outbound mail that will be requested. Paying close attention to your statistics. These numbers are important for getting more mail out and to become a better closer/producer. Each week at the home office we have a mail meeting for every agent on the program. In this meeting we determine the amount of mail needed to generate the number of leads requested.

  9. EFES Carriers With EFES, you have access to the premier Final Expense carriers in the county! Primary Carriers Americo Royal Neighbors of America Secondary Carriers Foresters Transamerica United Home Life Baltimore Life American Continental Kemper Great Western Liberty Bankers

  10. The Lead Center

  11. The Lead Center • The Lead Center can be found on the EFES Website • Fresh leads are delivered daily through our state-of-the-art website • You can print leads directly from the website and view all of your leads from the last 90 days • See where you rank on the Monthly Production Leaderboard • Top 100 Agents • Top Agencies • Top 10 App Count • Top 10 Active Premium Streaks • (over $2,000 AP/WK) • View monthly production reports

  12. The Leaderboard

  13. EFES University

  14. EFES University EFES University allows a new agent the ability to jump right in get acclimated to the market and access the EFES Lead Program including product/sales training Pitch/Presentation tips and tricks are also available on EFES University Learn from the best with over 1,000 hours of Audio/Video Training from our Plug & Learn Audio Vault (as well as numerous videos)

  15. Efes training

  16. EFES Plug & Learn Calls Plug & Learn Calls are held weekly on Tuesday at 10:00am CST. Each call is hosted by one of EFES’ Top Producers who share sales methods to help you master your craft. These calls are designed to help set you up for success right from the start with an interactive platform where you can ask questions and get answers from quality agents that are out doing it everyday. Plug in today and learn from the best! Phone number & pass code are the same for all EFES calls

  17. EFES All Agent National Conference Call EFES’ National Conference Calls are held the 1st Monday of every month at 10:00am CST Call in and find out the most recent news and updates about… • Carrier product/convention updates • EFES monthly contest winners • Top producer guest speakers • EFES program updates

  18. EFES Roundtable The EFES Roundtable is held Fridays at 10:00am CST Learn from fellow EFES Agents on how they: • Overcome objections • Their strategy to success • How they close the tough sales • Their everyday challenges • How they stay motivated

  19. New Agent Training EFES New Agent Training is held Thursdays at 10:00am CST New Agent Training is for all new EFES agents New agents should tune in every week for the first 90 days to learn about EFES, carriers, products and more! “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

  20. Final Thoughts

  21. How Do You Maximize Earnings Potential? Go To Work!

  22. What is Expected of YOU? Be on ALL EFES training conference calls! Our philosophy: Do this because you care Communicate – Let us know how you are doing, how we can help, and where you are struggling Two ways to get more leads – Production and Communication Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn! Be accountable and teachable Be accountable to the system and to the team Be coachable Trust in the system… The numbers don’t fail us; we fail the numbers!

  23. Don’t Wait…Get Started Today You have a great opportunity with EFES but it starts with you! Build trust and value with your client and you will develop a client for life. The longer it takes you to make your first call, the less likely it is that you will ever do it successfully. Start today!Welcome to… Equita Final Expense Services

  24. Key Contacts at EFES Marketing Your Marketing Representative should be your most frequent contact at EFES Home Office. They can help you with a wide variety of issues!

  25. Key Contacts at EFES Administration Remember that these employees are here to help you succeed. Please feel free to call at any time!

  26. Good luck!