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EMC Storage Resource Management Suite PowerPoint Presentation
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EMC Storage Resource Management Suite

EMC Storage Resource Management Suite

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EMC Storage Resource Management Suite

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  1. EMC Storage Resource Management Suite Optimizing storage today and in the software defined datacenter of tomorrow

  2. Storage Resource Management Suite Planning Scorecards Role-based Reporting Troubleshooting SLA Situations to Watch Resource / Usage EMC Storage Resource Management Suite Configuration & Compliance Relationship Mapping Performance Topology Capacity Alerting Hosts Applications Brocade & Cisco Switches EMC Storage 3rd Party Storage Virtual Machines Represents capabilities of the entire Storage Resource Management Suite.

  3. What’s Included in the SRM Suite? • EMC ProSphere – Visualizes data path relationships and dependencies enabling analysis of storage performance and capacity to optimize storage resources. • EMC Storage Configuration Advisor – Tracks configuration changes and validates compliance with design best practices and the EMC Support Matrix to eliminate configuration errors that impact service levels • EMC Watch4net for Storage – Monitors application health and performance and provides dashboards to monitor the application to storage service levels across heterogeneous storage environments


  5. Performance Visualize Storage Dependencies & Performance END-TO-END ANALYSIS Virtually Provisioned Datastores • See relationships & topology • Storage & Fabric • Virtual Machine & Datastore • App & Database • Drill down to analyze trends • Performance • Availability • VMware • VMware APP APP APP APP APP APP • OS • OS OS OS • OS • OS • FAST VP Devices • FAST VP Devices Thin Pools

  6. Storage Dependencies & Performance Common Use Cases • Troubleshooting performance • Identifying hosts competing for resources • Analyzing the impact of upgrades • Identifying the impact of RAID rebuilds “Before, it took me over an hour each day to determine if any bottlenecks had popped up over night. Now it takes just a few minutes. Whenever a problem occurred, it would take me days to find it. Now I can do it in a fraction of the time.” —System Designer

  7. View End-to-End Performance Analyze performance from the host, switch or array perspective Switch Performance Host Performance Array Performance

  8. Identify Hosts Competing for Resources High IOPS Low IOPS Medium IOPS Medium IOPS Low IOPS High IOPS VM 1 VM 2 VM 3 VM 1 VM 3 VM 2 Virtual Switch Virtual Switch Over Utilized Switch Port Disk Contention Storage Array(s)

  9. Compliance Analyze Changes & Configuration Compliance • Monitors compliance with best practices and the EMC Support Matrix • Identifies configuration issues— proactively • Ensures your SAN is configured right to meet service levels View host to storage topology details for EMC storage & investigate configuration compliance “Over half of SAN problems are due to configuration issues.” —Bob Laliberte, Enterprise Strategy Group

  10. Configuration Compliance Common Use Cases • Planning infrastructure upgrades • Ensuring multi-pathing • Validating changes align with design best practices & EMC Support Matrix “My favorite feature is the attributes and path details. It makes troubleshooting much easier. It now takes me half the time to solve problems.” —Storage Administrator

  11. Identify Configuration Compliance Issues SLA issue is due to a path problem. Defined policy calls for 2 paths.

  12. Plan Infrastructure Upgrades Identify configuration to change Check EMC Support Matrix compliance

  13. Define Configuration Policies Define I/O Path Redundancy Policy Set up notifications for non-compliance

  14. EMC Support Matrix Compliance Auto-Validate Compliance

  15. Capacity Planning Analyze Capacity Growth • Reports capacity use across heterogeneous environments • Analyzes capacity by service level or FAST policy • Identifies the true cost of storage for any application

  16. Identify the True Storage Cost of Apps Who do I charge for this copy? Dev/TestServer Array #2 Array #1 DR Copy. May or may not be mapped to a DR server Copy for testing new version of application Mapped to Dev server Primary volume Local copy ApplicationCluster Snapshots Local copy Remote copy Mapped/masked to backup server I can’t charge this to the backup administrator! BackupServer

  17. Capacity Planning Common use cases • Who is using the capacity and when more will be required • Identifying available capacity by service level • Monitoring consumption of thin pools “Before, it took me hours to correlate all the storage capacity in my environment, now I can see it all in real-time on one screen. It saves me 4 to 8 hours a week” —Technical Specialist

  18. Identify Capacity Issues Identify when to order more storage

  19. Analyze Capacity Consumption Across heterogeneous storage environments

  20. SLA Management Optimize to meet performance, availability & cost SLAs

  21. Optimizing To Meet SLAs Common Use Cases • Moving applications to lower-cost storage without violating SLAs • Multi-tenant SLA Reporting • Chargeback “Before, it took me over a 1/2 a day to create a report that lists storage allocated to each server. Now I can see this with just a few mouse clicks. It’s made my life easier by providing better visibility into my SAN environment.” —Senior Systems Admin

  22. Storage Resource Management Suite • Visualizeapplications to storage dependencies & performance • Analyze configurations and capacity growth • Optimize your environment to improve return on investment while meeting SLAs

  23. Optimize FAST Policy Decisions Move to lower-cost storage without violating SLAs Analyze host performance to assess policy impact Identify FAST Service Level

  24. Multitenant, SLA Reporting Custom reports provide different views for different roles

  25. Modify Out-of-Box Reports Add Calculation Column for Chargeback • Add formulas • Define $/GB • Add new column results • Save modified report

  26. Chargeback Storage To align costs with business requirements

  27. Simple Customization Via My View Identify Desired Reports Pin individual reports to create a custom report in a single dashboard. Pin individual reports to create a custom report in a single dashboard.

  28. Create & Rename Custom Reports Heterogeneous Capacity Report

  29. Tag Favorites & Customize Login Screen

  30. Create Point-in-Time Copies of Reports

  31. Schedule Reports for Management • Set Up Recurring Schedule • Select Format & Include a Message • Save a Copy & Confirmation via Email