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Innovating Public Procurement through Korea ON-line E-Procurement System. April 2010 Istanbul, Turkey Key-Man Lee Director General Public Procurement Service Republic of Korea. Contents. Korea ON-line E-Procurement System (KONEPS) Impacts of KONEPS 3. Success Factors

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Presentation Transcript

Innovating Public Procurement through

Korea ON-line E-Procurement System

April 2010

Istanbul, Turkey

Key-Man Lee

Director General

Public Procurement Service

Republic of Korea


  • Korea ON-line E-Procurement System (KONEPS)

  • Impacts of KONEPS

  • 3. Success Factors

  • 4. Global Recognition and International Cooperation

Public Procurement System in Korea

Combination of Centralized and Decentralized Procurement

  • Medium to large scale procurement for central government agencies : handled by Public Procurement Service (PPS)

  • Small scale procurement: handled by each government agency

  • Local governments and public enterprises: autonomous procurement

Increasing SME’s Market Opportunities

Public Procurement Service (PPS)

  • PPS is the central government procurement agency of Korea under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

  • Total procurement volume of 45 billion USD in 2009

Korea ON-line E-Procurement System (KONEPS)


  • Government-wide e-Procurement System

  • Developed and operated by PPS

  • Commonly used by all public agencies for procuring goods, services, and construction works


Characteristics of KONEPS

Single Window for Public Procurement

  • Publication of all public tender notices and related information at a single website

  • Bidders can participate in all public biddings after one-time registration

Characteristics of KONEPS

Integration of Entire Procurement Work

  • Entire procurement processes from supplier registration, bidding through to payment are conducted via the internet

One-stop Service

  • 160 types of documents handled online through the data exchange linkage with 100 other public sector & private sector information systems

41,000 Public Entities

191,000 Registered Suppliers

Transactions through KONEPS

$86 bn

$63 bn

$56 bn

In 2009, over 70% of Korea’s total public procurement (122 billion USD) was conducted through KONEPS




Total Volume of Transactions

Conducted via KONEPS

e-Biddings through KONEPS













Number of e-Biddings

Total number of bid participants (unit: million)

Saves US$8.1B worth of transaction costs annually

Improves transparency in doing business with the government

Enhancing Efficiency and Transparency

  • Reduction of manual work & contract-related papers, time-saving, etc

  • Minimized face-to-face contacts

  • All the information is published on-line on a real time basis

Work Productivity has risen 5 fold




Improved Productivity

Strong will of the government for reform

Rich experiences from a long history of procurement

The world-class Internet infrastructure already in place

Application of systematic BPR/ISP and new technologies

Training and education of users

Success Factors

  • Establishment of ‘special committee for e-government’

  • 93% of Korean households use broadband Internet network

  • Improvement of purchasing procedures prior to system development

  • Adoption of new technologies (e-signature, encryption, e-documents)

  • into KONEPS system

  • PPS Training Center, On-line customer support and CBT Program

Global Recognition

International Recognition for KONEPS




KONEPS procedures

reflected in

international standards

1st UN

Public Service Award

“No further action further action required” OECD




Global IT Excellence Award

from WITSA

International Cooperation

Support for System Implementation

  • Support for system implementation in Vietnam (pilot system) and Costa Rica(full implementation) using KONEPS modules

Feasibility Studies for

e-Procurement Implementation

e-Procurement Workshops

  • E-Procurement Workshops with ADB, UN,the World Bank

  • Training Program for countries interestedin e-Procurement implementation

  • Vietnam, Pakistan (2005)

  • Mongol, Georgia (2007)

  • Costa Rica, Uzbekistan, Tunisia (2008,2009)