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New Hanover County Schools AIG Program PowerPoint Presentation
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New Hanover County Schools AIG Program

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New Hanover County Schools AIG Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Hanover County Schools AIG Program
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  1. New Hanover County SchoolsAIG Program

  2. NHCS Guide to Program and Standards In July of 2009, the State Board of Education approved the North Carolina Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program Standards. Each district had to align their programs with the 6 standards and 51 practices outlined by the state. The counties accomplished this through a three year AIG plan.

  3. Overview This standard outlines how our district screens, refers, and identifies students for the gifted program. Standard 1: Student Identification

  4. In New Hanover County, we use multiple screeners, anyone can refer a student, and we have five criteria for identification. A student must meet 4/5 criteria to qualify.

  5. Overview This standard demonstrates the rigorous and challenging curriculum we offer our gifted students Standard 2: Differentiated Curriculum

  6. Jacob’s Ladder • Junior Great Books • Primary Education Thinking Skills (P.E.T.S.) • Problem Solver Series • Hands On Equations • Interact Simulations • Project Based Learning • Service Projects • Learning Contracts • Choice Our district supports research based curriculum and instructional strategies. Some examples are provided.

  7. Overview This standard ensures that persons working with gifted students in our district are highly qualified. Standard 3: Personnel and Professional Development

  8. Each month, Gifted Education Specialists (GES) meet to train. In addition, the NHCS has developed Credentials for AIG, professional development in working with gifted students, for classroom teachers to complete.

  9. Overview This standard promotes the development of K-12 programming and services, involving the total school community. Standard 4: Comprehensive Programming

  10. Comprehensive programming ensures that the entire school community has ownership of the gifted program. While facilitated by the GES, the program should involve students, parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and community members.

  11. Overview This standard promotes partnerships between the school, parents, and the community at large. Standard 5: Partnerships

  12. Partnerships are developed at the school and district levels. In NHCS, we strive to expand our partnerships. How can you help?

  13. Overview This standard requires that the AIG program be monitored to ensure that all programs and services offered are effective. Standard 6: Accountability

  14. In the era of school accountability, we are continuously looking for ways to evaluate and improve the AIG program. Test scores, surveys, longitudinal studies can provide us with information to guide our growth.

  15. Full standards document can be found at:

  16. New Hanover County Schools AIG Plan 2010-2013

  17. Gifted children have no greater obligation than any other children to be future leaders or world class geniuses. They should just be given a chance to be themselves, children who might like to classify their collections of baseball cards by the middle initials of the players, or who might like to spend endless afternoon hours in dreamy reading of novels, and to have an education that appreciates and serves these behaviors. – Jane Piirto