pt practice act regulations implications for practice l.
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PT Practice Act Regulations Implications for Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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PT Practice Act Regulations Implications for Practice

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PT Practice Act Regulations Implications for Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PT Practice Act Regulations Implications for Practice. Wayne Stuberg, PhD, PT, PCS Munroe-Meyer Institute, UNMC Board of PT, HHS. Session Objectives. Provide an overview of the PT Statute & the draft regulations for the new PT Practice Act

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pt practice act regulations implications for practice

PT Practice Act RegulationsImplications for Practice

Wayne Stuberg, PhD, PT, PCS

Munroe-Meyer Institute, UNMC

Board of PT, HHS

session objectives
Session Objectives
  • Provide an overview of the PT Statute & the draft regulations for the new PT Practice Act
  • Facilitate discussion and gather input for the Board of PT & NE Health & Human Services for the development of new PT regulations
  • Report back to the Board of PT on suggested modifications
legislative overview statute
Legislative Overview - Statute
  • LB 994 (New PT Statute) passed during 2005 Legislative session
    • Statue went into effect July 14, 2006
  • Overview of new PT Statute
    • See handout
legislative overview regulations
Legislative Overview - Regulations
  • Regulations that are consistent with new law remain and are enforced
  • Regulations that are inconsistent with new law became void on July 14th, 2006
  • Board of PT developed draft regulations in June 2006
  • Dissemination of draft regulations at regional meetings across NE
how regulations become law
How Regulations Become Law
  • Board of PT drafts regulations
  • Draft regulations are disseminated to stakeholder group(s) for comment & revision as needed
  • Public Hearing required to gather input
  • Board of PT addresses input and forwards Regulations to Regulatory Analysis & Integration Division of Health & Human Services (HHS)
how regulations become law6
How Regulations Become Law
  • HHS Director gives approval
  • Attorney General gives approval
  • Governor’s Policy Research Office gives approval
  • Regulations filed with Secretary of the State
  • Regulations disseminated to licensees/certificate holders
what has changed
What has Changed?
  • New definition of physical therapy consistent with the Federation of State Boards Model Practice Act & the APTA
    • General supervision means either on-site or via telecommunication
    • Definition of intervention consistent with Guide to PT Practice
    • Definition of mobilization or manual therapy
    • Storage of topical & aerosol medication allowed
    • Testing includes fine-wire EMG, but not diagnostic
what has changed8
What has Changed?
  • Updated criteria for licensure of foreign trained PTs to be consistent with the Foreign Credentialing Commission on PT (FCCPT)
    • New coursework requirements
    • New language proficiency requirements
  • No temporary licenses for PTs or certificates for PTAs
what has changed9
What has Changed?
  • No PTA Supervisory Certification
  • New listing of what a PTA cannot do under the general supervision of a PT
    • Sharp wound debridement to be added
  • PTA can be the clinical instructor for a PTA student
    • PTA student clinical services require direct supervision of PT
what has changed10
What has Changed?
  • Guidelines for Fine-Wire EMG provided
  • New supervisory requirements for PTA
    • PT supervises 2 PTAs at a time
    • PT must reevaluate or reexamine patient with a plan of care being implemented by a PTA at least every 30 calendar days
    • Guidelines for more frequent re-evals provided
    • Supervisory visit by PT must include patient contact by the PT
  • New supervisory requirements for PTAs in satellite clinics
    • Definition of supervisory on-site visit
what has changed11
What has Changed?
  • Treatment-related tasks allowed by an aide require:
    • Direct supervision of the PT
    • Treatment related task guidelines provided & not a listing
    • Written procedures & documentation of training required for treatment-related tasks performed by an aide
  • Expanded list/definition of unprofessional activities
what has changed12
What has Changed?
  • Mandatory renewal of jurisprudence exam every six years
  • Expansion of activities allowed as continuing education
  • Current Board of PT Members
    • Kent Dunovan
    • Raymond Frew (public member)
    • Sue Jeffrey
    • Wayne Stuberg
  • Board of PT Liaison
    • Diane Hansmeyer