silver linings playbook n.
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Silver Linings Playbook PowerPoint Presentation
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Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

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Silver Linings Playbook

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  1. Silver Linings Playbook Ms.Martin

  2. Review Do you think the Film will stay true to the novel? THUMBS UP/ THUMBS DOWN

  3. Throughout the Movie Throughout the movie fill out both sides of the worksheet. These worksheets will be an essential part of your next project

  4. Worksheet A

  5. Worksheet B

  6. Period 2 Movie Adaptations Pros/ Cons

  7. Review Did the Film stay true to the book THUMBS UP/ THUMBS DOWN

  8. Great Gatsby

  9. Critical Thinking Are film adaptations beneficial or not beneficial? do they change are understanding of novels ? Step one: Choose your position.

  10. Step 2 Students now have 5 mins to come up with points for the opposite point of view s argument. Write down points on a chart piece of paper Nominate one reprehensive to present at least 2 arguments.

  11. Step 3 Present/ Evaluate Did you hear anything within this debate that you never knew or thought of before?

  12. Create Your Own Film Adaptation Throughout the movie and novel you have created notes. Using your notes and knowledge from the class discussion, how would you have adapted Silver Lining Playbookinto a block buster hit? What elements and characters would you use and how would your portray them? (Use your notes on the work sheets completed during the movie to guide your reflection)

  13. Your Choices You may choose to submit your adaption in One of two ways. Brain map (Using Smart Ideas): This map must be clear to follow and should portray all themes and characters you wish to discuss, having at minimum two layers and two images Reflection paper: The reflection paper should be no longer than a page front and back (500 words). Students must clearly portray the important ideas of the book that would be covered in their movie and why.

  14. Example of Brain Mapping

  15. Reflection Paper

  16. Questions? You may have 5 mins to discuss with your shoulder partner. Rest of the period is a work period.

  17. Wall Wisher Comment of the Day Before you leave take 2 mins to comment on todays lesson. State one thing you learned or found interesting Or Something that you wish we covered more/ disliked Reminder all submissions are anonymous