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Fashion Trends

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Fashion Trends - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fashion Trends
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  1. Fashion Trends

  2. What is Fashion? Clothes express who you are and what you value. Definition of Fashion: • Style of clothing, hair, and personal appearance. • Dress, behavior, way of leaving or other personal expressions that are popular at present. • A particular type or variety.

  3. 1910-1919 1920’s 1920- women are granted the right to vote, leading to more independence. 1923- Flapper style becomes popular when short skirts are necessary for dancing the Charleston. 1926- Coco Chanel creates the “Little Black Dress” which becomes one of the most essential pieces of fashion. 1910- Ballets Russes perform in Paris, inspiring Asian-influenced harem pants, kimonos, and turbans. 1912- Sinking of the Titanic typical fashion worn by women at that time. 1914-1918- World War 1; skirts rise to mid-calf, colors get darker, and clothes become practical for women to work.

  4. 1930’s 1940’s 1940- 1945- Women work outside the home while men are fighting war; practical clothes are in style. 1942- T-shirt is introduced. 1945- World War 2 ends; women go back to being homemakers; housework-inspired clothes are in style. 1946- Bikinis are introduced. 1930- The great depresion begins a time of hardship, bad economy, and unemployment. 1931- Empire state building is completed, showcasing the trend of Art Deco design. 1937- Amelia Earhart vanishes masculine style clothes are inspired by her. 1939- World War 2 begins.

  5. 1950’s 1960’s 1963- John F. Kennedy is assassinated ending Camelot era and Jackie Kennedy fashion. 1964- Beatles become popular in U.S, starting London style and Mod fashion. 1969- Woodstock sparks hippie fashion. 1951- Color TV is introduced. 1954- Chanel introduces her famous black collarless suit jacket and skirt with gold chain trim. 1955- Disney land opens. 1959- Barbie is introduced.

  6. 1970’s Trend: Bell bottom pants, platform shoes, wrap dresses, gaucho pants, Annie Hall menswear look. 1980’s Trend: preppie loo,; pop music styles, retro fashion of the 1950s, cocktail dresses, acid wash jeans, big hair, ballerina flats, leggings, big sweaters, pumps.

  7. 1990’s Trend: crop tops, baggy jeans, floral dresses, boyfriend blazers, overalls, platform tennis shoes. 1920’s Trend: vintage and retro fashion, long lines from the 1930’s, shirt dresses from 1940’s and 1970’s, skinny jeans and tunics from 1980’s.