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Disclaimer. Please keep in mind that this tutorial is a “general guideline”. It in NO WAY guarantees coverage by the insurance company.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Disclaimer l.jpg

  • Please keep in mind that this tutorial is a “general guideline”. It in NO WAY guarantees coverage by the insurance company.

  • The only way to get an estimate on a procedure is to collect all of the necessary information and submit it to the insurance so they can do a pre-determination estimate. Unfortunately with insurance there usually is never a 100% answer.

  • Feel free to contact me with any questions: Heather Oehrlein hloehrlein@stcloudstate.edu

Where you can go for healthcare l.jpg
Where you can go for healthcare

  • University Students should use the Campus Health Center (Available on SCSU, MSU Mankato, Moorhead, and Winona campuses)

  • In the Metro area - MnSCU college students can go to Boynton Health Service (U of M) http://www.bhs.umn.edu/

  • To find a Network provider/clinic near you go to: www.uhcsr.com/stcloudstate  - select UHC options PPO - search for physician/hospital - Enter Search Criteria – Select Specialty - View Results

What do you have to pay l.jpg
What do you have to pay

  • 0% if you are seen at your Campus Health Center, for covered services. Medication and Health Care should be paid at 100% by the insurance ($1000 per covered injury/illness max for Domestic)

  • 20% + $50 deductible (per injury/illness) outside of the Campus Health Center for Pharmacy (medication) and Health Care. With an SHS referral your deductible should only be $25.

  • Pharmacy costs above the $250 pharmacycap for acne meds and birth control pills must be paid up front (available ONLY at SHS).

Additional requested benefits l.jpg
Additional Requested Benefits

  • 1 Office visit charge for travel, sports, school admission, employment or pap/pelvic exam.

  • STD/STI testing: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and HIV testing.

  • Acne treatment and medication ($250 cap on medication).

  • All of the above are ONLY covered at a Campus Health Center (Boynton does not count as a Campus Health Center).

Travel assistance l.jpg
Travel Assistance

  • This program is through Scholastic Emergency Services, Inc

  • In the US 1-877-488-9833

  • Outside the US 1-609-452-8570

    (call collect)


    The Student Travel Assistance Program is designed to help locate health care in an emergency when you are traveling more than 100 miles away from school.

Understanding the process l.jpg
Understanding the Process

  • Use the Emergency Room ONLY for life-threatening illness/Injury or potential for permanent disability.

  • Average Ambulance costs (transportation only) $1300 (based on St. Cloud Costs).

    In some cultures it is customary to go to the hospital with any and all medical needs, however, if you do that here in the US you will end up with large bills that you will be responsible to pay. You always want call the nurseline (1-877-643-5130) or to use Student Health Center and if they are closed, go to your networks urgent care facilities.

Examples of non covered services l.jpg
Examples of Non-covered Services

  • Preventative medicine, including:

  • Vaccines

  • Dental (unless injury to sound natural tooth)

  • Eye exams

    The reason preventative medicine is not included is because this is an accident and illness plan. Preventative medicine gets to be costly and the plan’s premium would go way up if this were included.

Why is insurance mandatory l.jpg
Why is Insurance Mandatory?

  • MnSCU, which governs the Minnesota Colleges and Universities, has a policy in place which requires all MnSCU F-1 / J-1 International Students to purchase the mandatory Student Health Insurance.

    Procedure 3.4.1 under Policy 3.4 Part 3 says: 

    Part 3. International Students.

    International students must purchase the system-approved student health insurance, except those students whose sponsoring agency or government certifies that the student is covered under a plan provided by the sponsoring agency or government.

Questions information or concerns l.jpg
Questions, Information, or Concerns

  • Heather Oehrlein: hloehrlein@stcloudstate.edu

  • Student Insurance Website: https://www.uhcsr.com/stcloudstate

  • Phone: 1-888-251-6243

  • Nurseline: 1-877-643-5130