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Education. Communities Are Asking For…. Share best practices from communities and industry partners. Focus. Field mobile service solutions. Deliver. Provide. Proven solution. Single point of contact

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communities are asking for


Communities Are Asking For…

Share best practices

from communities and industry partners


Field mobile service solutions



Proven solution

Single point of contact

the current system is incomplete
The Current System is Incomplete

There is a big void for volunteers and impacted residents

  • No clear, common operating picture (COP) exists during emergency response and recovery for volunteers and citizens
  • No sustainable solution exists for data collection, and information dissemination to volunteers and citizens
  • There are limited tools in place today for information dissemination:
    • Mass Media
    • Static Websites
    • Proprietary or closed systems

The need for a simple end-to-end communication solution was evident in recent events:

  • Harris County did not know what volunteers / supplies were coming (or when)
  • Existing Wi-Fi was overloaded in public areas
  • Harris County officials used a telephone tree during Katrina
    • The Internet exists but is unusable without tools to make it useful for the situation
  • The Red Cross used a paper-based system for gathering information
    • There were 20-30,000 pieces of paper collected
  • 110,000 local volunteers participated in the Katrina and Rita efforts

Source: Harris County Disaster Planning Office Post Katrina and Rita

and disasters are growing every year
And Disasters are Growing Every Year
  • The scale of disruption and damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita were unprecedented
  • Rita required the largest evacuation in U.S. history
  • Katrina displaced over 1.1 Million people
  • 220,000 disaster relief workers participated across the U.S.
  • Katrina relief is estimated to exceed $2 Billion
  • No automation in place causing massive delays/errors during ---registration process
what do cities need
What Do Cities Need?
  • Interoperable Communications that link first responders, agency staff, citizens, volunteers and others
    • Redundancy that allows communications despite extensive damage to facilities, equipment and infrastructure
    • The ability to immediately re-establish disaster-site communications
    • Flexibility to adapt the rapidly changing situations and scale when required
  • Rock-solid reliability and trustworthy support
    • Pre-configured solutions that combine needed capabilities into a comprehensive end-to-end solution
    • Affordability and the ability to rapidly scale capabilities
    • The ability to cross geographical boundaries to integrate displaced residents and remote volunteers with no barriers
a best in class end to end solution
A Best in Class, End-To-End Solution

To meet this need, the Digital Communities Partners have combined forces to offer a Best In Class, end to end solution for governments to better serve their citizens in a time of Disaster.

Proven technologies, best practices, and deep experience

dcoms coverage
DCOMS Coverage

DCOMS delivers on-site, near-site and far-site communications

and collaboration.


digital community solution starter kit

Digital Community Solution Starter Kit




To the Edge



dcoms starter kit
DCOMS Starter Kit
  • A proven, best of breed solution from partners you trust
    • Partners like:
      • Intel, Cisco, Simdesk, Pacstar, iPass, HP
    • Selected GSA solutions
    • Single channel contact
  • Standards-Based
    • Open, flexible architecture
    • Complements existing solutions
  • Scalable: as need and budget dictates
    • Toolkit includes
      • Hardware and peripherals from HP and Pacstar
      • Simdesk on-demand services
      • iPass software
      • Cisco Outdoor Wireless Network
      • Whitepapers, case studies
ease of acquisition and deployment
Ease Of Acquisition and Deployment

The DCOM Solution is:

…Designed to be easy to acquire and rollout so your city can put it to work immediately.

…Comprised of the best combination of infrastructure, hardware, software and services to provide a complete solution.

…Easily configured to meet the specifications of any size city. From a rural community concerned about flooding disasters to a large metropolis bracing for terrorism, the DCOM Solution can be put together to suit your city's unique needs.

DCOMS Start Kits Deliver Everything An Agency Needs For An Initial Or Pilot Implementation

for more information
For More Information
  • Detail product information is available at
    • Product Data Sheets
    • Solution Selling Guide
    • Case Studies
    • White Papers
    • Channel Training Presentation
thank you

Thank You

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