marc williams was arrested by the police on wednesday for drunk driving l.
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Marc Williams Was Arrested By The Police PowerPoint Presentation
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Marc Williams Was Arrested By The Police

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Marc Williams Was Arrested By The Police - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marc Williams, a 23 year old youth based in New Jersey was arrested recently for negligent and drunk driving. Officer Chris arrested Marc Williams him outside a local resident lane in NJ where he crashed his Audi R8 into a pole creating havoc and panic among residents and pedestrians. He is convicted for rash and drunk driving.

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The resident of Oklahoma, Marc Williams was arrested by the local police on Wednesday night for his drunk driving. He is a 23-year old youngster who crashed his Audi R-8 into a pole. Though the incident did not cause any major damage, it created panic and havoc among the pedestrians and residents. Local residents immediately informed the police of the incident.


Officer Chris reached the area soon after the incident and issued arrest warrant against the suspect. In order to handle the situation, the officer stopped traffic for some time and called for an ambulance. Marc escaped the incident with minor injuries, but local citizens are still shocked from this accident. The incident occurred around 11:30 PM on Wednesday night.


A local citizen, Roberto Fernandez who witnessed the incident, said “ I shouted for help when that drunken guy crashed into the pole which was only 100 meters away from me. I thought I will be a road kill today”. As per passer bys, Marc was driving very fast and could have been killed, but he has saved by the car’s air bags. When the police investigated Marc Williams, he wasn’t able to answer any of questions as he was heavily drunk.


Local citizens are demanding police and concerned authorities to take strict action against individuals who indulge in drunk driving. As per a local resident, the drivers should be responsible on road, not only for themselves, but also for the persons they share the road with.