oklahoma resident marc williams arrested for driving while intoxicated l.
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marc williams arrested for driving while intoxicated PowerPoint Presentation
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marc williams arrested for driving while intoxicated

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marc williams arrested for driving while intoxicated - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marc Williams, a 23 year old youth based in New Jersey was arrested recently for negligent and drunk driving. Officer Chris arrested Marc Williams him outside a local resident lane in NJ where he crashed his Audi R8 into a pole creating havoc and panic among residents and pedestrians. He is convicted for rash and drunk driving.

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marc williams arrested for driving while intoxicated

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Oklahoma Resident Marc Williams Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated

    2. A 23-year old youngster named Marc Williams was arrested by the police for driving while intoxicated in Oklahoma on Wednesday night. As per the local residents, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed it into the nearby pole, which caused havoc among pedestrians. The local residents were frightened with this incident.

    3. The Officer Chris who is the in-charge of the area reached the place soon after he received complaint describing a car crashing into the pole, from one of the local residents. The police enquired Marc Williams, but he failed to explain the situation and understand the incident as he was under the influence of alcohol and was not able to even talk.

    4. Although Marc escaped the accident, with minor injuries, the residents are still in shock. The suspect Marc Williams was driving his car Audi R-8 at the time of incident. As per the officer Chris, he was driving at very high speed and could have been almost killed, but the air bags installed in the car saved him. The accident was reported around 11:30 PM after local residents called the police.

    5. To calm down the residents and soothe traffic, Officer Chris had to stop the traffic for a few hours. He called an ambulance and issued arrest warrant against the driver. According to the local residents, such types of incidents have become quite common in the area. The police and authorities must take appropriate actions to stop such incidents occurring in the future.

    6. The drivers should be given adequate information regarding driving and alcohol, in addition to other driving related laws. They should be taught to be responsible for themselves, as well as for the pedestrians and other residents. A local resident said, “It’s a total mess in here. We are scared for our families because accidents like these occur almost each day. I pray to God that nobody dies because of someone’s rash driving”.

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