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CYFEN/ABWA Scholarship Opportunities PowerPoint Presentation
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CYFEN/ABWA Scholarship Opportunities

CYFEN/ABWA Scholarship Opportunities

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CYFEN/ABWA Scholarship Opportunities

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  1. CYFEN/ABWA Scholarship Opportunities 2017-2018

  2. ABWA NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS (SBMEF) • SBMEF (Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund) exists to provide educational grants and scholarships to women pursuing post-secondary educational goals as well as ongoing professional development in order to support their career advancement and to help them become the role models, mentors and leaders of the future. • Learning institutions attended must be licensed, accredited and/or state approved and located in the United States. • Final Date for all National Applications: May 15, 2018 • Scholarships awarded in July 2018.

  3. ABWA NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS (SBMEF) Final Date for Application is May 15, 2018 More details at

  4. OUTRIGHT GRANT • The Outright Grant Program offers junior level (or higher) college students a scholarship that helps to offset costs associated with their college tuition, books and fees. The amount awarded for each Outright Grant is $2,000. Outright Grant scholarships awarded are non-renewable . Only three (3) ORG will be awarded per district. • Applicant Eligibility Criteria: Applicant must be a Female and a US Citizen, Both ABWA Members & Non-Members may apply for an ORG Scholarship • Level: The applicant must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours • GPA: 3.0 on a 4.0 scaleField of Study: None SpecifiedSubmission Requirements: must be attending to confer degrees at the Bachelor or higher level and must provide official transcripts, and 3 professional letters of reference in the same year as her application. • SBMEF Online Application must be submitted on or before June 1st, 2018. • No applicant is guaranteed a scholarship. • More details at

  5. IMPACT SCHOLARSHIP The Impact Scholarship program provides the league an opportunity to customize their scholarship criteria within the guidelines of the fund. Each league can fund multiple Impact Scholarships valued at either two-thousand ($2,000) dollars or one-thousand ($1,000) dollars. Scholarships awarded are non-renewable. Applicant Eligibility Criteria: Applicant must be a Female and a US Citizen, Both ABWA Members & Non-Members may apply for an Impact Scholarship. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements as defined by the league (e.g., residency, GPA, credit hours completed, year of school completed, field of study, etc.) Deadline for sponsoring an Impact Scholarship is January 31, 2018. No applicant is guaranteed a scholarship. More details at

  6. BUSINESS SKILLS TUITION REIMBURSEMENT (BSTR) The SBMEF Business Skills Tuition Reimbursement Program (BSTR) provides working women an opportunity to participate in professional development workshops and/or seminars offered by an accredited, licensed, or state-approved institution in the United States. Coursework such as ABWA-KU MBA Essentials, Park University’s Women as 21st Century Leaders, Rockhurst University and Franklin Covey offered at ABWA nationally sponsored events and/or other programming like real estate license and desk top publishing are examples of non-degree coursework that would meet the course. Applicant Eligibility Criteria: Applicant must be a Female and a US Citizen and both ABWA Members & Non-Members may apply for a BSTR. The course work must enhance an applicant’s career objective. Applicant may only submit during previous award year (August 1, 2017 through June 1, 2018). Submission Requirements: Completion of course must be completed prior to submitting her application. Applicant must apply for the BSTR within 90 days after course completion. Applicant must complete the online application process including; a course description, rationale for attendance, and verification of the institutions or organizations credentials and provide proof of payment. An applicant may receive multiple BSTR each award year from multiple leagues. Recipient may only receive an amount up one half of the tuition and/or up to a maximum amount of $500 each award year. The minimum amount awarded for a BSTR is $50 dollars. No applicant is guaranteed a Business Skills Tuition Reimbursement. More details at

  7. $1000 LONE STAR COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP • Must attend Lone Star College-CyFair • Must be a non-traditional female student • Applicant cannot be a recent high school graduate • Applicant must have had a career change • or is pursuing additional degrees or certificates • Application deadlines are April 1st (for fall) and November 1st (for spring) • More details at

  8. FEDERATION OF HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL WOMEN (FHPW) SCHOLARSHIP • Must be a female Texas resident planning to attend a Texas college or university • Completed at least 30 semester hours of credit as of 12/31/17 at an accredited college or university • Must be enrolled to take 6 or more credits • Grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale • Scholarship amount varies • Application due March 31, 2018(for fall) More details at

  9. *EXCITING* FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY CY-FAIR EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (CFEF) ENDOWMENT • Endowment must be funded within 7 years (by 2019). • All donations from the CFEF Endowment Partners are placed into a permanent endowment fund for the purposes of expanding funds necessary to meet the growing numbers of high schools and increasing costs of college. • Our $20,000 Endowment once funded will provide a $2,000 two-year scholarship to the college of the recipient’s choice. For these scholarships, CYFEN will also award a one-year ABWA membership to the chapter of choice for the recipient anywhere in the United States. • This will be awarded to a female CFISD senior student pursuing a business degree or who is an entrepreneur going to college full time. More details at