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Renaissance .

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Renaissance was the rebirth of reason. This was a movement of creativity in art and writing. It began in the 1300s and lasted almost 300 years. The movement began in Italian cities, such as Florence; Venice and Milan. Renaissance shattered Medieval society and brought in European culture unwillingly into the modern Era.



Renaissance helped artists discover how to paint 3D. This brought new life and realism into subjects. Realism is making things come to life as if they were real. Artists used to have rules about painting, renaissance helped shift paintings from myth to reason. It also helped create new genres of art which were rich in drama and emotion. New techniques were also invented such as painting with oils and perspective, such as linier and areal. Famous artists such as Botticelli, Gozzoli, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Ghilberti, helped transfer the way we see our world today.


Architecture was changed from renaissance. Buildings were better constructed and bigger and better than ever before. Taking Inspiration from the classical past, new rules were invented governing proportion and perspective. Amazing temples to wealth designed across Florence. The largest dome in the world was built by Filippo Brunelleschi who was a brilliant engineer.


Renaissance changed science, men were no longer accepted at face value the teachings of the church. Now they wanted to study the natural world and discover for themselves the secrets of the universe. Leonardo Da Vinci introduced the stuffy of human anatomy. Galileo Galilei rocked the Catholic establishment by announcing that the earth revolved around the sun.


The modern world today and Renaissance do have some connections such. In many ways we are still living the renaissance world today. We see the origins of our world today in the visual arts of the renaissance. We first flourished during renaissance along with the idea, that people around us are just as important. Some proof of these connections are that before we used to have the printing press, now we still use this type of machine, also we still use some of their ideas such as how to get ahead of life.