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NEWCNT and Safari. USPS FY End Meeting June 13, 2012. What is NEWCNT?. Program to enter new contract information New contract for school year Can be built in advance Data is stored separately from current contract Purge moves data to current contract (JOBSCN)

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Presentation Transcript
Newcnt and safari

NEWCNT and Safari

USPS FY End Meeting

June 13, 2012

What is newcnt
What is NEWCNT?

  • Program to enter new contract information

    • New contract for school year

      • Can be built in advance

      • Data is stored separately from current contract

        • Purge moves data to current contract (JOBSCN)

    • Mid-year change with retro payment

    • Mid-year change without retro payment

Newcnt options
NEWCNT Options

  • Main processing menu in NEWCNT

Maint option
MAINT Option

  • NEWCNT Maintenance

    • Add new contracts

    • Modify new contracts

    • Delete new contracts

    • Purge individual contracts

    • Calculates new obligation

    • Calculates pay per period

    • Calculates daily/hourly rate

Maint option1
MAINT Option

Screen 1 of 3

Maint option screen 2
MAINT Option, Screen 2

  • Calendar Start

    • DO NOT change unless employee had break in employment

  • Calendar Stop

    • Leave blank

  • Reset Personal Leave

  • Reset Sick Advance Used

  • EMIS Contract Info

  • Salary Schedule fields

    • SALARY program

    • Salary Notices

Maint option screen 3
MAINT Option, Screen 3

Pay Account Information

Build option
BUILD Option

  • Auto process for groups of like jobs

    • Subs

    • Teachers

  • Places jobs for access with MAINT option

  • Zeroes all contract-to-date figures

    • Amount paid

    • Amount earned

    • Amount due

    • Amount docked

    • Days worked

    • Pays paid

    • Lump sum retro

    • Dock next pay

Import option
Import Option

  • Allows import of data from outside source

    • Excel, Access, Lotus

      • CSV (comma separated values)

      • Tab delimited

Import option2
Import Option

  • Fields required in load file

    • Employee ID (EMPLOYEE_ID)

    • Job number (JOB_NO)

    • Contract type (CONTRACT_TYPE)

  • All calculations are completed as if the MAINT option was used

    • Pay per period

    • Retro amounts

    • Etc.

Safari open access odbc
Safari Open Access (ODBC)

  • Software product that allows you the capability of pulling in district data directly into applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Safari Open Access must be installed on your PC and can be downloaded from the SEOVEC Fiscal Services, User Support webpage.

Purge option
Purge Option

  • Purges contracts into JOBSCN

    • Mass purge records

    • Updates JOBSCN information with NEWCNT data

    • Adds LPA/LPE pay types to UPDCAL_FUT for pay off amounts

    • Creates job history data reportable on JOBHIS report

    • Deletes new contract data from MAINT

Delete option

  • Deletes new contracts from NEWCNT

    • Mass delete of new contracts

    • Does NOT purge data into JOBSCN

Report option

  • Generates report

    • Reports all NEWCNT data in MAINT

    • Summary report

      • NEWSUM.TXT

    • Detail report

      • NEWCNT.TXT

Newpay option

  • Select and sort based on pay account

  • Sorting subtotal and page break

  • Range or wildcard account selection

  • Calculates amount to be charged to accounts based on remaining contract obligation to be paid

Newcnt calculations
NEWCNT Calculations

  • Rounding

    • All intermediate calculations use 5 decimal places

    • The rounding is processed at the end of all processing

      • Based on rounding flag in USPSDAT/USPCON

Purging of new contract data
Purging Of New Contract Data

  • When to purge for new contract

    • Timing is everything

    • If the pay period for the last payroll on the old contract also contains the first work day on the new contract

      • Purging new contracts before the last pay of old contract is initialized is ideal

      • Purging after the last pay can cause incorrect data in JOBSCN and require manual updates

Newcnt functions clarified
NEWCNT Functions Clarified

  • Using the ‘Clear’ function

    • Should be used only for ‘new contract type’

  • Adding an employee new to district

    • Use JOBSCN rather than NEWCNT

  • Contract start date

    • Used to calculate LPE/LPA amounts correctly

    • Should be first physical day of work on new contract