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  1. Course Preview Cisco Packet Tracer

  2. What is Packet Tracer? • Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation program that allows students to experiment with network behavior without the need for real equipment. • It provides simulation, visualization, authoring, assessment and collaboration capabilities. • Packet Tracer facilitates the teaching and learning of complex technology concepts. • It supplements physical equipment in the classroom by allowing students to create a network with an almost unlimited number of devices. This encourages practice, discovery, and troubleshooting.

  3. Why is Packet Tracer Important? • Packet Tracer allows students to pace their own learning experience. • It allows students to have access to a large number of devices. It also allows students to have access to a large number of devices even outside of the classroom. • By allowing them to experiment, Packet Tracer helps students develop important skills, such as decision- making, creative and critical thinking, and problem solving.

  4. Packet Tracer Requirements • To download and install Packet Tracer: • You need to have a computer with Internet access and a web browser. • Based on your Operating System (Windows, Linux, etc), download the latest Packet Tracer version from the Cisco Networking Academy Connection website: • Log in as an instructor. • Click the Download Packet Tracer link on the left side of the Academy Connection window. • Scroll down and click the Cisco Packet Tracer program downloads link. • Click the Packet Tracer download for your Operating System. • Install Packet Tracer on your computer using the Install Wizard.

  5. Packet Tracer Support Options • There are a few different ways to find support: • Training files • Located in the Packet Tracer application: • Packet Tracer Menu Bar > Help > Contents • Forums • Cisco Packet Tracer forum and chat page hosted at Cisco Networking Academy site: • Support Desk • Packet Tracer help through Academy Support link hosted at Cisco Networking Academy site:

  6. Packet Tracer Training Overview Below are the mini-courses and their outcomes: • Course Preview (this course) • How to download and install Packet Tracer’s latest version • How to find help • Overview of mini courses structures • Leveraging Best Practices • How to do basic troubleshooting of PT activities • Clarify common trouble areas with Packet Tracer • Packet Tracer Tips and Best Practices • ITEv4.1Packet Tracer Labs Demonstration • Show how to successfully complete PT activities integrated in ITEv4.1to effectively motivate ITE students in chapters 8-16

  7. Packet Tracer Training Resource Files Below is a list of the companion resources: • Course Preview (this course) • ITE Introduction to Packet Tracer Course Preview video • PowerPoint presentation with Packet Tracer Preview information • Word document with Packet Tracer download instructions • Leveraging Best Practices • Video containing best practices and tips about Packet Tracer • ITEv4.1Packet Tracer Labs Demonstration • ITEv4.1Packet Tracer Lab solution videos (chapters 8 – 16)