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B: Oh well, good luck and enjoy your stay. A: Thanks bye PowerPoint Presentation
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B: Oh well, good luck and enjoy your stay. A: Thanks bye

B: Oh well, good luck and enjoy your stay. A: Thanks bye

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B: Oh well, good luck and enjoy your stay. A: Thanks bye

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  1. Following Directions [1]A: Excuse me. Do you speak English? B: A little bit.A: Where’s the nearest underground station - do you know?B: Over there, next to the cinema. Can you see it?

  2. A: Oh, yes. Thank you.B: Where’re you from?A: Ontario, Canada.B: That’s a long way. What are you doing in Warsaw?A: Oh, I’m just here on business.B: And how long are you going to stay?A: Just a week, but I’m having a great time!

  3. B: Oh well, good luck and enjoy your stay.A: Thanks bye

  4. [2]A: Excu … Excuse me?B: YeahA: Can you help me? I’m looking for Church Street.B: Church Street … Church Street … Sorry, I don’t really know … Do you know where Church street is?

  5. C: Where?A: Church StreetC: Oh right, yeah … You go down to the end here, down to this set of traffic lights, and turn left at the lights, that’s Renton Street. And when you come to another set of lights, go straight on … and then the next right is Church Street.

  6. There’s a big garage, you can’t miss it.A: So it’s left at the lights … then second right where the garage is.C: That’s it.A: Ok then. Thanks a lot.C: Cheers

  7. [3] A Telephone ConversationA: Hi! It’s me!B: Oh hi. Where’re you?A: I just got off the train. I’m at the station.B: Oh, right. Well, we’re all here.

  8. A: Ok, I’ll be with you in a minute, but there’s just one problem – I’m not sure how to get to you.B: Oh, rightA: Can you give me some directions?B: SureA: I’m just at the entrance.

  9. B: Right, so if you look to your right, you’ll see a big cinema … The Odeon … got it?A: Yeah. Yeah. I can see it.B: So just carry on past the cinema and … cross the road and you walk along Finlay Street for about 100 metres and then you’ll see a building

  10. 0n your left called The factory. We’re in there. On the first floor. Just ring the bell. Just give me a ring if you get lost.A: I’ll, don’t worry. See you in a minute.B: See you in a minute.

  11. [4]A: Excuse me. Excuse meB: Yes, madamA: How can I get to the central station, please?B: Are you walking or … er .. ?A: Er … How long does it take to walk?

  12. B: Well, from here … about 25 minutes, I suppose.A: It’s quite far for me …B: Or you can get a bus … any bus will take you there. Can you see the bus stops on the other side of the road, just on the corner.

  13. A: I seeB: Just ask the driver to tell you when to get off.A: Thank you.B: My pleasure.

  14. Read & LearnExpressions of location1. on the corner, on the south2. in the middle between X & Y3. on both sides of the street4. across the street5. opposite the x

  15. 6. Beside / next to7. Down the street8. Up the street from x9. at the intersection PrepositionsOn +street on Olympic st.At+ address at 342 Glendon Avenue

  16. In + City in CambridgeIn + Country in EgyptLanguage TipsYou can’t miss itLook for the xon the left on the right carry on past the xgo straight on walk along x st.turn left turn right