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Using Outline Form (Chap 5, PP. 72 - 76). I. Introduction. Thesis: (My car has a lot of disadvantages.) (Learning to write English composition has been a formidable challenge to me.). The outline form Is broken down into

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Using outline form chap 5 pp 72 76

Using Outline Form (Chap 5, PP. 72 - 76)

I. Introduction


(My car has a lot of disadvantages.)

(Learning to write English composition

has been a formidable challenge to me.)

The outline form

Is broken down into

main headings (I, II, III,IV)

II. Main topic (1)

A. Support topic

1. Detail (1)

2. Detail (2)

B. Support topic

C. Support topic

Support headings

III. – IV. Main topic (2)

  • 1. Detail (1)

  • 2. Detail (2)

  • A. Support topic

  • Support topic

  • C. Support topic

Further details

V. Conclusion

Using outline form chap 5 pp 72 76

Writing a Paragraph (P. 53 – 69)

The process of writing a paragraph:

  • Formulating a Main Idea” ( 43)

  • 2. Generating supporting ideas” (31, 45 )

  • 3. Organizing (31, 53)

  • 4. Drafting (31, 58)

  • 5. Revising (31, 59)

  • 6. Editing a paragraph (31, 62)

  • 7. Conclusion (31, 63)

Examples (Topics)

  • On the fifth anniversary of the September (2001) attacks.

  • The aftermath of the devastating Typhoon Morakot (Aug. 8, 2009)

  • On driving safety – Using of a cell phone while driving is dangerous.

  • The challenges of ENGLISH RHETORIC offered at SHU

Using outline form chap 5 pp 72 76

Chapters 3 - 4: First Steps & Paragraph Writing (PP. 33 – 70)

The biggest mistake most beginning writers make is to start writing on the topic they have been given without doing the leg work (mind work in this case) (which is) necessary to ensure a successful outcome. Nothing is worse than getting halfway through an assignment only to find out that your writing is off topic, too general, or not adequately developed. Don’t jump the gun! (P. 33)

Experienced writers know that before they can begin writing they have to examine the topic carefully to make sure they understand what is being asked. They must then narrow the topic; determine the writing context (which includes deciding on purpose, audience, and tone); formulate a main idea; and, finally, generate supports for developing the topic successfully. A convincing conclusion will then follow as a result (Revised by C. C. Li from P. 33).

A great mexican restaurant p 38
A Great Mexican Restaurant (P. 38)

Ernesto’s Restaurant, located at 2100 South University Avenue, offers superb Mexican cuisine. Ernesto’s specializes in authentic south-of –the –border dishes such as sizzling fajitas, ample burritos, succulent (juicy) chimichangas, and flavorful chiles rellenos. The portions are large and delivered to the table piping hot. All entrees are reasonably priced, between four and six dollars. In addition, the kid’s menu, priced between two and three dollars, offers traditional kid favorites such as chicken bites, hamburgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with lush tropical plants and travel posters of exotic Mexican locations; mariachi music completes the atmosphere. Ernesto’s casual atmosphere makes it a popular spot with both students and families. Word of mouth has quickly spread about this great dining establishment.

sizzling fajitas



chiles rellenos

Free wheeling p 39
Free Wheeling (P. 39)

Riding my bike to school is a great alternative to driving a car. First, the purchase price of my brand-new, top-of-the-line touring bike, $800, was well within my budget, compared to the thousands I would have had to spend to purchase even a dilapidated secondhand car. Second, my bike saves me money every day on maintenance costs because I don’t have to pay for insurance, repairs, or gas. It’s also convenient to ride my bike because I don’t have to purchase a parking decal or spend twenty minutes hunting for a parking space; I can park my bike nest to my class and not have to fight the homicidal crowds in the parking lot. Next, riding my bike is a great form of exercise since it provides a cardiovascular workout, burns fat, and tones my muscles at once. Lastly, riding my bike is enjoyable because it puts me in touch with the beauty of nature in a way that I never would be if I were shut up inside a car with the windows rolled up. Riding my bike benefits me and benefits the environment, and that makes me feel good.

Using outline form chap 5 pp 72 76

How to Carve a Jack-o’-Lantern (P. 42)

The process of carving a jack-o’-Lantern is a relatively simple one.

The first step is …

The next step, …

The final step, …

Topics for reference:

1. The biggest problem with Justin’s car is that it is unreliable.

2. The biggest advantage with my motorcycle/bicycle is that it is reliable.

3. The challenge/fun of RHETORIC (or other subjects) at SHU.

4. The resourceful SHU Library

5. The SHU English Corner: Learning with fun and reward

6. A true friend

Using outline form chap 5 pp 72 76

How to Carve a Jack-o’-Lantern

The process of carving a jack-o’-lantern is a relatively simple one.

The first step is selecting and preparing the perfect pumpkin. Choose a deep orange, uniformly shaped fruit that fits the look you have in mind.

(The second step:) Then cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin large enough to fit your hand through and remove the seeds.

(The third step:) The next step, creating a design for your pumpkin, is the most artistically challenging. I recommend experimenting on a sheet of paper until you are satisfied with your design. Once you have perfected your design, transfer it to the surface of the pumpkin by tracing the outline with a pencil or a knife, making sure that the design is imprinted on the pumpkin.

(The fourth step:) The final step, actually carving the pumpkin, requires a steady hand and lots of patience. Insert the knife along your design line and use a sawing motion to cut away the sections to be removed. When you are finished, place a lighted candle inside the pumpkin, and stand back and admire your masterpiece.

Now you can try to carve a jack-o’ lantern with Mark, Rachel, Laneise, Seth, Dan and Justin at the English Corner of Shih Hsin University.

Using outline form chap 5 pp 72 76


Choose from one of the following topics, and deliver your “speech” in the class, following the guidelines mentioned above, with references to D. Zarefsky (Public Speaking, 2008), and annotated references by C. C. Li (2009):

1. Bracing for the alarming GLOBAL WARMING and its impact on deteriorating environment worldwide. (What

are the strategies? What have we learned from the devastating Typhoons Parma and Morakot respectively

on Oct. 5 and Aug. 8, 2009?)

2. World peace starts from good understanding: the case of Taiwan and China. (Economic cooperation, mutual

understanding or political confrontation?)

3. Quality Assurance of higher education in Taiwan: What is the biggest challenge for Taiwan’s higher education?

What is the biggest challenge of Taiwan in the wake of enhancing its international competitiveness globally?

(What’s the solution?)

4. Is international education essential to college students and national development in Taiwan? (Why?)

5. Crime rate is rising in our society. How can we curb the spreading crimes?

6. Traffic safety is everybody’s business. (How can we help maintain it in Taiwan?)

7. The relationship between Taiwan and China is subtle. What should we do to alleviate the tension and

enhance peace?

8. How can college students improve their English?

9. Is Yankees’ Wang Chien-Ming still a hero. What lesson can we learn from him?

10. How I have been impressed by the inauguration speech of President Barack Obama?

11. Honesty is the best policy.

12. Maintaining good health for future exploration is college students’ primary responsibility?.

13. How to reenergize Taiwan’s economy for international competitiveness?

14. Why is international education crucial for college students?

15. Is localization compatible or contradictory with globalization?

16. How to strike a balance between localization and globalization?

17. Why do today’s college students fail to achieve excellence in the development of English language skills?

18. Is moral education still a timely discipline to learn in the 21st century?

19. Reflection from the baseball games in the US and Taiwan, 2009.

20. Other topics of your choice (such as importing beef from the US – 2009; NTU being ranked 95th place…)