bien 301 group project presentation hydrostatic force against a wall n.
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BIEN 301 Group Project Presentation Hydrostatic Force Against A Wall

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BIEN 301 Group Project Presentation Hydrostatic Force Against A Wall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BIEN 301 Group Project Presentation Hydrostatic Force Against A Wall. Jasma Batham,Mootaz Eldib, Hsuan-Min Huang,Sami Shalhoub. Problem.

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bien 301 group project presentation hydrostatic force against a wall

BIEN 301Group Project PresentationHydrostatic Force Against A Wall

Jasma Batham,Mootaz Eldib, Hsuan-Min Huang,Sami Shalhoub

  • In the soft liquids, it may be necessary to account for liquid compressibility in hydrostatic calculation. The approximate density relation would be or . Use this approximation to show that the density variation with depth in a soft liquid is . Then consider a vertical wall of width b, extending from the surface (z=0) down to depth z=-h. find an analytic expression for the hydrostatic force F=(Þgh2b)/2 on this wall.
  • Hydrostatic – water is not moving
  • Viscosity is not concerned
  • Steady static : sum of forces = 0
  • For compressible fluid, density is variable
  • Multidimensional
  • The horizontal component of the hydrostatic force is not required since the wall is not horizontal. So we are only concerned with the vertical component.

Equation 2.18 is:


From the problem it was given that:


Equating equation 1 and 2 gives:



Equation 2.17 says that:


Putting equation 4 in 3 we get:


Solving the differential equation to get



Now plugging equation 6 in:


We get:


equation 2.35 in the book tell us:


comparison of analytical and computational results with discussion
Comparison of Analytical and Computational Results, with Discussion
  • To compare the analytical and computational, we got exactly same result.
  • Our results for incompressible hydrostatic force (equation 8) is equivalent to the solution that was provided by the instructor when p0

goes to zero.

  • Comparing the hydrostatic force for incompressible and compressible fluid we notice that they are very similar to each other. We can see that from the graph in the next slide
incompressible and compressible flow vs height of the wall
Incompressible and compressible flow Vs. height of the Wall

When both forces were graph against the height of the wall, they both came out to be pretty much equal, so incompressible force is a good approximation for the comprisable force

bme application
BME Application
  • Apoplexy is one of the result in which blood vessel is broken by the hydrostatic force.
  • We can utilize the concept of hydrostatic force to determine what the force we should apply for clip blood pressure.
  • Our bodies will tell us when we should urinate because the hydrostatic force is acting on the urinary bladder.