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Non-hydrostatic sub-project report

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Non-hydrostatic sub-project report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Non-hydrostatic sub-project report. Jeff Whitaker (ESRL, sub-project lead) Jim Doyle (NRL: NEPTUNE/NUMA ) Jin Lee (ESRL: NIM ) Zavisa Janjic (NCEP: NMMB ) S.J. Lin (GFDL: HIRAM/FV3 ) Bill Skamarock and Joe Klemp (NCAR: MPAS ). Year 1 milestones.

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non hydrostatic sub project report

Non-hydrostatic sub-project report

Jeff Whitaker (ESRL, sub-project lead)


Jin Lee (ESRL: NIM)

ZavisaJanjic (NCEP: NMMB)


Bill Skamarock and Joe Klemp (NCAR: MPAS)

year 1 milestones
Year 1 milestones

Idealized test cases (

1) Baroclinic Wave (DCMIP 4.1, due 6/1/2014): Basic test that does not exercise non-hydro dynamics. Look for effect of ‘special’ points (8 corners of cubes, 12 pentagons on icos grid, poles/polar filters on lat/lon grid).

  • Integration length: 20 days
  • Resolution: horizontal 120/60/30 and 15km.  30 and 60 vertical levels. 
  • 1/0.5/0.25/0.125 deg grids for 120/60/30/15 km runs.
  • Model Top: ~44km/2.26hPa
  • No invariant tracers, 14 pressure levels (winds, temp and vorticity) plus surface pressure/temp and 10-m winds.
year 1 milestones cont1
Year 1 milestones (cont)

2) Orographic mountain wave on a reduced-radius sphere without rotation (DCMIP 2.1 with additions, due 7/1/2014). Exercises dry non-hydro dynamics.

  • Circular and quasi-2d mountain, with and without vertical shear.
  • Sphere reduced by factor of 166.5, 2-h integration.
  • 30km model top with sponge layer, 0.5 degree output on model native levels.
year 1 milestones cont2
Year 1 milestones (cont)

3) Not in DCMIP: 3D supercell thunderstorm on a reduced-radius sphere without rotation, with simple Kessler microphysics (due 8/1/2014). Details TBD by end of May. Exercises dry non-hydro dynamics, includes strong convective updrafts, cold pools, etc.

year 1 milestones cont3
Year 1 milestones (cont)

4) Optional (due to late arriving funds):Idealized Tropical Cyclone with Simple Physics(DCMIP 5.1). Exercises moist hydrostatic dynamics, simulation of coherent vortices.

year 1 milestones cont4
Year 1 milestones (cont)

report summarizing all the idealized test results will be distributed to the group by 9/15, delivered to program manager by 10/1/2014.

year 2
Year 2

Real data tests:

  • Hydrostatic scale forecasts (25 km resolution, vertical levels similar to GFS, one 7-day forecast every 3.5 days for one calendar year). Due Q2FY15.
  • Q3-Q4FY15: 3-km global forecasts for a couple of select cases (including severe weather over CONUS, and tropical cyclones). 2-3 day duration.
    • HPC challenge: NCAR experience suggests on 15-20K cores, a forecast will run in near real time. This means modeling group may need up to 20K cores for 2-3 days to complete each forecast (1+ million CPU hours per forecast)!