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Blank MNW Shop Layout

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Blank MNW Shop Layout - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blank MNW Shop Layout. Completed MNW Shop Layout.

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Automotive Shop Layout legend, you must write exactly as you see it here1. Emergency Shut-off switches (Use it ONLY for EMERGENCIES)2. Fire Extinguishers (Use it ONLY for EMERGENCIES)3. Water Fountain4. Sink (Wash hands ONLY, NO PARTS ARE TO BE WASHED HERE)5. Eye-wash station / shower station (Use it in case something falls on your eye)6. Shop Exhaust fan (Turn it on when engines are running or smells are present in shop)7. Sink (Wash hands, fill water buckets, wash SOME parts when instructed to do so, etc.)8. Lockers (Bring your own lock and place your belongings there while working in shop)9. Brake Lathe (Used to turn Disc Brake Rotors and Drums)10. Coil Spring removal tool (Used to remove coil springs from MacPhearsonschock assemblies)11. Tire Changer (Used to separate tires from rims)12. Grinder (Used to grind METAL ONLY)13. Tire Balancer (Used to balance tired + wheel assembly once tire & rim are assembled back together)14. Parts Washer (Used to remove dirt and grease from Automotive parts)15. Hydraulic Press (Used to remove/separate parts and assemblies whom are pressed together)16. Drill Press (Used to drill medium to large holes on various parts)17. Sand-blasting cabinet (Used to blast away dirt and rust from metal components in order to prep for painting and/or other purposes)18. First-Aid Kit (located inside instructor’s office19. Goggle Cabinet (DO NOT GO INTO SHOP WITHOUT SAFET Y GOOGLES)