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Manuel Dasilva - Owning A Car Garage PowerPoint Presentation
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Manuel Dasilva - Owning A Car Garage

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Manuel Dasilva - Owning A Car Garage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manuel Dasilva - Owning A Car Garage

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  1. Manuel Dasilva Owning A Car Garage Manuel Dasilva began learning about cars as a young boy. He loved watching his father work on his car and enjoyed watching races on television and at the race track. His passion for cars inspired him to open his own car garage. He currently owns and operates a garage that does body work and repairs. He specializes in classic car restoration and enjoys being able to make a living doing what he loves.

  2. Manuel Dasilva Repairing Classic Cars Manuel Dasilva loves to work with cars. He is especially interested in classic cars and owns his own restoration garage where he repairs and restores classic cars to their former glory. He works on other cars in his garage as well. He enjoys meeting people who like cars as much as he does, and has made many new friends by owning and working in the garage.Manuel Dasilva is passionate about classic cars. He has been collecting them for several years and he also enjoys repairing and restoring them for others.

  3. Manuel Dasilva Staying Fit With Racquetball Manuel Dasilva believes that it is important to stay fit and healthy and he participates in a lot of different sports to help him get and stay in shape. He plays racquetball at least twice a week at his local gym and is part of a winter league. Racquetball is more demanding and challenging than many people realize and is a great way to burn calories and build muscles. Manuel Dasilva is a big classic car enthusiast who owns his own restoration and repair garage. He meets a lot of interesting people and car owners through his business and decided that he wanted to get everyone together by creating a car club. The club is full of members who love and own classic cars and are dedicated to restoring them.

  4. Manuel Dasilva Collecting Classic Cars Manuel Dasilva is a car enthusiast. Even when he was a young boy he enjoyed watching cars race and learning more about them. He recently began collecting classic cars and is working on growing that collection. His favorite cars are classic muscle cars and he currently owns a 1967 Camaro and a 1971 Mustang. He plans to add a Yenko Camaro to his collection in the near future.

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