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Municipal Complex: Administration

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Municipal Complex: Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Municipal Complex: Administration. Issues Electric panels do not meet current standards Lighting is deficient in several areas of the building Interior finishes have come to an end of their useful life causing paint to peel and carpet to fray. Municipal Complex: Library. Issues

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municipal complex administration
Municipal Complex: Administration
  • Issues
    • Electric panels do not meet current standards
    • Lighting is deficient in several areas of the building
    • Interior finishes have come to an end of their useful life causing paint to peel and carpet to fray
municipal complex library
Municipal Complex: Library
  • Issues
    • Electric system do not meet current standards
    • HVAC in need of major overhaul. Current system leaks in many places causing damage to collection and structure
    • Finishes are worn and frayed
parks playgrounds improvements
Parks & Playgrounds Improvements
  • Issues
    • Fields use far exceeds the capabilities of the grass playing surface causing deterioration of playing surface and subsurface


Table 1. Expected field condition based on hours of field use per year.

University of Florida Athletic Field Use Capacity

Barrows Field at Carteret Park 916 hours per year

Hurrell Field 800 hours per year

parks playgrounds improvements1
Parks & Playgrounds Improvements
  • Options
    • Keep fields “as is”
    • Reduce activities held on the field
    • Re-sod fields on an annual / biannual basis
    • Install synthetic playing surface
parks playgrounds improvements2
Parks & Playgrounds Improvements
  • Synthetic Surface Concerns
    • Heat Gain
    • Increased Injury Rate
    • Visual Impact
    • Formation of Bacteria on Playing Surface
    • Environmental Impact from Synthetic Materials
    • Product Life
    • Security, Vandalism and Access
    • Light pollution
synthetic surface concerns
Synthetic Surface Concerns
  • Heat Gain
    • Synthetic surfaces are hotter than natural grass. It is planned to install sprinklers at Carteret Park to allow for summer usage of the field on extremely hot days. “Surface temperature of RIF fields can be reduced by 33 percent with proper use of irrigation cycling…. The heat load problem on RIF fields is manageable with irrigation, the problem is that most fields have been constructed without irrigation.”

If you can't take the heat...Dr. Dave Minner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Iowa State University

  • Increased Injury Rate
    • Studies have shown that there is no increased injury rate on synthetic playing surfaces and that the rate of injury is comparable to natural grass. The type of injuries differ. “For example, the researchers found there was a greater incidence of surface to skin injuries and muscle strains and spasm on FieldTurf. However, on the natural grass fields they documented a great incidence of head concussions and ligament tears.” American Journal of Sports Medicine, Oct 2004
synthetic surface concerns1
Synthetic Surface Concerns
  • Environmental Impact from Synthetic Materials
    • There is no data to suggest that crumb rubber is toxic. The type of rubber used in athletic fields is cryogenic rubber that does not contain metal or dust.
    • The use of fertilizers and pesticides will be eliminated on the synthetic playing surface
  • Product Life
    • Expected life for the playing surface is 10 years. An 8 year guarantee will be specified. All subgrade work has an expected life of 20 years or more. Much of the initial cost involved is in the subsurface construction.
synthetic surface concerns2
Synthetic Surface Concerns
  • Formation of Bacteria on Playing Surface
    • There is no increase in the type or formation of harmful bacteria on the synthetic fields. Spot solutions are available if requested. "The microbe population of natural turfgrass far exceeds anything we've found in the infill systems. In fact, a number of the infill systems had zero living microbes in the sample at the time of testing."

Andy McNitt

Associate Professor of Soil Science at Penn State

synthetic surface concerns3
Synthetic Surface Concerns
  • Visual impact of permanent striping
    • Striping does not have to be permanently stitched into the synthetic material. At Carteret Park, temporary striping may be utilized.
  • Security, Vandalism and Access
    • Access will remain the same to pedestrians. Measures will be installed to ensure no motor vehicle access onto the playing surfaces. The fields will not be closed. Additional video cameras may be installed to further enhance security.
  • Light pollution
    • Customized lighting that will minimize light pollution has been recommended. These lights can be remotely controlled as well. If installed, a strict curfew will be enforced.
grass vs synthetic surface

Cut twice a week

Striped twice a week

Fertilized 6 times a year

Core aerated and over seeded twice a year

Major top soil and leveling twice a year

Irrigated playing area once a day

Fields must be closed for routine maintenance

Necessitates closure for annual / biannual resodding from three to six months


Only surrounding grass areas to be cut

Striped every two weeks for activities that are not permanently stitched into the material

Treatment only for shrubs and perimeter grass areas, not on fields

No core aeration or over seeding required

Fields brushed four times a year

Irrigate for cooling on “heat” days only

Playable all year round regardless of weather

Elimination of gas powered lights at Palmer Field at Forest Avenue School

Grass vs. Synthetic Surface
please remember to vote
Please Remember to Vote

The Special Election Day for the Capital Bonds Referendum is Tuesday, February 6, 2007.

Polling Hours are from 6:00a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

If you are a registered voter and are uncertain about where to vote check your sample ballot or call the Clerk's office (973-748-8400, ext.220). Polling place information and current voters registration lists are also available in Room 102 of the Municipal Building.

absentee ballots
Absentee Ballots

As an Essex County resident you may apply for an absentee ballot if you are a qualified and registered voter by written application to the County Clerk's Office. The deadline for such requests are seven (7) days prior to any and all elections (Primary, General, School, Special, etc.). Any absentee voter who fails to apply by the deadline may apply in person to the County Clerk's office, or by authorized messenger, on any day up to 3:00 P.M. the day before an election.

thank you
Thank you!

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