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By: Samantha Hammer

By: Samantha Hammer

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By: Samantha Hammer

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  1. The Republican/ Democratic Promise By: Samantha Hammer

  2. Background Information • Cartoon Ridiculing the two main political groups of the day. • Made in 2004, by a student, for the school paper. • Title helps to aid the basis of the ridicule.

  3. Audience Who is the audience for this cartoon?

  4. Audience The intended audience is any voter or future voter. As it gives one person’s view on the two groups and their similarities and differences, so that the prospective voter may be better informed.

  5. Point of view What is the point of view of this cartoon? Who wrote it and why did they write it?

  6. Point of view This cartoon was done by a prospective voter and therefore has her views on the Republican and Democratic parties.

  7. Focus What is the focus of this carton? What draws your eye first?

  8. Focus The focus of this cartoon is the men . They are bigger than the text and placed in front of the speech bubbles for emphasis.

  9. Layout What is the layout of this cartoon? What is in the foreground? What is in the background? Why do u think the artist organized the cartoon this way?

  10. Layout Foreground -the two men are in the foreground of the picture. You notice them first then move up from there. Background -the speech bubbles and titles are both set smaller than the men. This causes you to move to them only after looking at the men. Also since the men’s heads are in front of the bubbles and the title seams to be on the same plane as the bubbles due to the shadow, both are set in the background.

  11. Irony What is ironic about this cartoon?

  12. Irony This Picture expresses the irony seen by the author in that while both groups do the same thing, one says what they are doing, and the other doesn’t.

  13. Pathos What is the emotional appeal in this cartoon?

  14. Pathos The emotional appeal in this cartoon lies with the reaction of the viewers. When viewers see the cartoon and read the description they automatically take a position and become defensive of that position. This position is generally based in a person’s past and upbringing and therefore emotional on a very basic level.

  15. Logos What is the logical appeal of this cartoon?

  16. Logos The logical appeal in this cartoon is in the accusations made about each of the parties. While the accusations are just the authors opinion, they are still arguable and make a logical assertion.

  17. Ethos What makes this cartoon credible?

  18. Ethos While this is not a news article, or published cartoon it is still credible. The cartoon was done by a prospective voter about two of their choices in political parties. This is credible because the person will eventually choose one of these two parties and is informed enough to express their opinion of the two parties.

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