the true story of the moose attack l.
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The True Story of The Moose Attack PowerPoint Presentation
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The True Story of The Moose Attack

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The True Story of The Moose Attack - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The True Story of The Moose Attack. By Allison and Payton. Chapter 1.

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The True Story of The Moose Attack

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chapter 1
Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Mrs. Macintosh Moose. Almost everyone has heard the absurd tale about me ramming an innocent creature named Brian. Although you may think that it is true, but don’t jump to conclusions, because you have not heard my side of the story. That is why I’m writing this story, to tell you my side of the event.

chapter 2
Chapter 2

Well, this all started when I was showing my children the way to the lake. Suddenly Brian shows up with a a dead chicken in his hand, a bow and arrow, and a two pronged spear. I was disgusted at the look on his greedy little face slurping our precious water. When he turned around, I gasped.

chapter 3
  • He had blood all over himself and came toward my children and me. It was a motherly instinct, my children were in danger because he was going to throw a spear at them. So, I rammed him off the edge of the lake.
chapter 4
Chapter 4

After I rammed him off, I thought he was dead. So, I showed my children the best patch of grass to eat. Although when I looked up, Brian was trying to get out of the lake. I thought he was trying to hurt my children again so I rammed him. After I hit him the second time, he seemed to get some sense and swam away from my children and I.

chapter 5
Chapter 5
  • The next day, I ruined his shelter as a final warning so he would not mess with my children or me. Later, he made a lame excuse that a tornado did it. Then, he notified the forest press and told his false side of the tale and that is how his tale became well-known. But we all know my side of the story and know that this incident was just a motherly instinct taking over.