constructive synthesis n.
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Constructive Synthesis

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Constructive Synthesis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Constructive Synthesis. Ideologies, Politics and Synthesis. Ideologies and belief systems. Ideologies. Ideal- “framework or vision” -logy “speaking or reasoning about” Ideologies = shared beliefs, motivations, and theories of a group of people.

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constructive synthesis

Constructive Synthesis

Ideologies, Politics and Synthesis


Ideal- “framework or vision”

-logy “speaking or reasoning about”

Ideologies = shared beliefs, motivations, and theories of a group of people.

The dominant or mainstream ideology “feels” neutral.

what are some ideologies
What are some ideologies?

Many ideologies exist—some of the non-mainstream ideals are part of the dominant ideology.

What are some ideologies?

why is this important
Why is this important?

Environmentalist ideology framing logging

Capitalist ideology framing logging

Feminist ideology framing logging

  • Synthesis means combining existing elements to create something new
  • For this assignment, these elements can consist of:
    • Research
    • Game elements
the overview
The Overview

This is a scaled down version of the final group project you will be doing. I will be looking for you to address three main parts:

  • Introduction – “The Problem”
  • Game Summary – “The Solution”
  • Support as to why this game would be effective at addressing the problem
  • The introduction should introduce the problem.
    • For the mini assignment, I’m not too picky about where these sources come from. If revising for Assignment 6, use 1-2 credible/reliable sources to describe the problem
  • This should lead to you proposing a game that will address the problem
    • Not “solve” the problem, but inform and encourage action
    • Game must have a sponsoring organization or website.
game summary
Game Summary

Describe what the game will look like (graphics), sound like (music/sound), and the general layout.

Describe the game procedurality/rules and what it intends to do.

Bogost 109 – “Contestation,” grafs 2 and 3.

  • Describe why this game would be effective.
    • Claim + evidence
      • This game works rhetorically because
      • The argument that this game makes is…
  • Consider the rhetorical situation
    • Where would this game be played?
    • Who would play it?
    • WHY?
  • Introduction – “The Problem”
    • Thesis: “I propose the production of…”
  • Game Summary – “The Solution”
    • 1 graf about look and feel
    • 1 graf about rules and procedures
  • Support as to why this would be effective
    • Rhetorical
    • Argumentative
bonus level
Bonus Level



Research contributing to game support

Sophisticated (synthesized) game support considering how different elements work together

  • As a way to think about transferring your work here to other contexts, here are the learning objectives
    • Solving a problem often involves first arguing that the “problem” or issue is worth solving
    • Rhetorical and argumentative understanding of your own work not just analyzing what others have produced.
    • We most often engage in innovation and revision rather than pure invention. Synthesis is how we really “invent.”
some practice
Some Practice

Your Turn

  • Select an ideology from the list we generated.
  • Make up a game that “does something” about the most pressing problems ascribing to an ideology you have selected.
    • Above all else, remember you are making a game to ATTEMPT to change peoples’ beliefs or actions. You are trying to persuade.
revise for the blog
Revise for the blog
  • 1-2 sentences
    • Ideology, problem framed by that ideology, sponsoring organization/website
  • 2-3 sentences
    • Game description

Post to the blog

remember to include your names on the post.