Administrative support for large scale funding applications session 3 budgeting
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Administrative Support for Large-Scale Funding Applications – Session 3: Budgeting. Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation. Sarah Whitaker, Sr. Research Officer August 23, 2012. Goals.

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Administrative support for large scale funding applications session 3 budgeting

Administrative Support for Large-Scale Funding Applications – Session 3: Budgeting

Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation

Sarah Whitaker, Sr. Research Officer

August 23, 2012

Goals – Session 3: Budgeting

  • To offer professional development for research administrative staff, enabling continuous improvement in the quality of support for research funding applications.

  • To increase the number of research support personnel on campus who have the skills and knowledge needed to support the development of large-scale research applications.

  • To increase the University’s overall capacity to support a growing number of large-scale applications for external research funding.

Session 3 budgeting
Session 3 – Budgeting – Session 3: Budgeting

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Budgeting for large-scale research applications

  • Matching funds

  • Overhead

  • Institutional support packages

  • Common challenges

  • Strategies for success

Administrative support for large scale funding applications session 3 budgeting

Budgeting – Session 3: Budgeting


Budgeting for large scale projects
Budgeting for Large-scale Projects – Session 3: Budgeting

  • Multi year projects

  • Staffing

  • Annual increases

  • Funding for research team

  • Funding for partners

  • Matching funds

  • Audit and Project Evaluation

Matching funds
Matching Funds – Session 3: Budgeting

  • Where do matching funds come from?

  • % required by funder at application

  • % required by funder by the end of the project

  • Funds from several sources

  • Balance between sources

  • The more, the better!

Overhead – Session 3: Budgeting

  • Overhead must always be sought from external sponsors when it is an eligible expense.

  • York requires that an overhead rate of at least 40% of the total direct costs is included on all research budgets.

  • If a funder has a policy relating to allowable overhead rates that are below or above York’s minimum 40% rate requirement, York will defer to the rate allowable by that funder.

  • All industry contracts must include a minimum 40% overhead rate.

Institutional support packages
Institutional support packages – Session 3: Budgeting

Valuing Existing resources – space, staff time, other

Teaching release / Faculty time

Staff time

Financial contributions

New space

Items not covered by main external funder


Office of Research Services / VPRI

Review of budget exercise
Review of budget exercise – Session 3: Budgeting

How do we break budget into component parts?

How do we integrate partner contributions?

How do we satisfy requirement of matching funds?

How do we allocate overhead across partners?

Feedback to researchers
Feedback to Researchers – Session 3: Budgeting

How do we communicate about Overhead?

How do we communicate about over and under estimates?

When do we offer comments on the balance of the budget?

What is the role for administrators in securing internal contributions?

How do we communicate about eligible, but not ideal budget lines?!

Common challenges
Common challenges – Session 3: Budgeting

  • Relaxed approach to LOI stage budget

  • Budgeting last!

  • Extended timelines

  • Balancing stakeholder interests

  • Level of detail

  • Lack of matching funds

  • Ineligible, but necessary, expenses

Strategies for success
Strategies for success – Session 3: Budgeting

  • Read the instructions and think through associated timelines

  • Review by colleagues

  • Consult with the program officer

  • Create overall budgets in post award format

  • Use Excel properly - formulae

  • Use a “notes” column do document rationales

  • Use institutional norms wherever possible

  • Solicit estimates where appropriate

Feedback – Session 3: Budgeting

Please complete the feedback form in your kit as your recommendations will help us improve subsequent sessions.

Thank you!

Up next
Up Next… – Session 3: Budgeting

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