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MESRINE: The Killer Instinct

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MESRINE: The Killer Instinct. Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behavior. Mesrine -Part I (2008) /Elements. The honing of war—torture in Algeria(Lombroso: soldiers, shepherds and priests)/1959-1961 From the war-zone to the “civilized”-zone: JOB

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mesrine the killer instinct

MESRINE: The Killer Instinct

Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behavior

mesrine part i 2008 elements
Mesrine-Part I (2008) /Elements
  • The honing of war—torture in Algeria(Lombroso: soldiers, shepherds and priests)/1959-1961
  • From the war-zone to the “civilized”-zone: JOB
  • “La dentelle”…Petite bourgeoisie, “Belavenir”
  • Place Pigalle, Moulin Rouge –Paris’ Red District
  • The Lombrosian tandem: Delinquent/prostitute ~ “Moral insanity”
mesrine part i elements
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • Gambles his pay away
  • Gambling/narcotics/prostitution=remit of the low-tenacity-violent quadrant of Veblen’s diagram
  • Gambling: belief in luck, animism, erotic dissipation
  • “Boulot au noir”: low-tenacity, hire me  criminal subculture, established network
mesrine part i elements1
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • Starts at the bottom: burglaries
  • He is part of “Guido”’s (G. Depardieu) team: local boss of a wider constellation, part of the MOB….
  • Itself with very solid political ties, OAS (Organisation de l'arméesecrète/ old school imperialists) vs. General C. De Gaulle
  • “Boulot au noir”: low-tenacity, hire me  criminal subculture, established network (“part” of the system…)
mesrine part i elements2
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • Hierarchy is clear from the outset: Guido’s “wisdom”: if you’re lucky you’ll end up with “this” (mangy bar)…
  • Toward a finer psycho-sociological portrait of Mesrine: low-tenacity, violent, macho but NOT GREEDY…One stock character of the underworld that he hates, which?
  • The pimp… Gruesome execution, tinged with racism “arabe”…
  • Unlike most mobsters he is not ATTACHED to life, the accumulation of money being the symbol of such attachment
mesrine part i elements3
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • Breaks with the exigencies of a respectable milieu bourgeois
  • Does not go to work—no “slave to the alarm-clock”
  • Insults his father, gives in to his wanderlust (Lombrosian trait)—can’t stand still
  • WOMEN –eroticism, all kinds: from the prostitute, the easy ones, the demur type, anything he can seduce (dissipation)
mesrine part i elements4
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • LOVE
    • Janou (Jeanne Schneider), 1966-69
    • Joyce, 1970-1973
    • Sylvia Jeanjacquot, 1978-1979
  • Career: from burglary to hold-ups (du casse au braquage)
  • Cycle: 1962 in prison, caught—
  • Tries to go clean, Tabacoff’s workshop, artistic disposition (erotic types knack for art)
  • Laid off, immediate relapse
mesrine part i elements5
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • Violent reaction against his first wife, Sofia: “…I will always choose my friends”…
  • Psychopathy
  • Canada: result of his emergeing RENEGADE, ANARCHISTIC bent
  • Gang subculture (Ohlin, Kubrin): from “criminal” to “conflict” subculture—Bandit plays solo/no structure
  • Yearning for HEROISM in a world that has left no space for the expression thereof
mesrine part i elements6
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • POLITICS/ Crime never happens in a vacuum:
    • FLQ: Jean-Paul Mercier
    • In prison meets Paul Rose (FLQ, Laporte)
  • And they all have something in common…
  • The kidnap fails, and there is the Le Bouthillier murder case, linked to his trajectory, which will never be solved…
  • Apprehended in Arizona, extradited to Montreal, the myth takes shape, the media pounce on it….
mesrine part i elements7
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • USC: the infamous Unitéspéciale de correction, St Vincent de Paul, Laval
  • Lo and behold Mercier is there too
  • Escape was sensational…
  • But the single (double)-handed enterprise to free all the prisoners was nothing short of legendary
  • An exploit of pure heroism cherished by ALL [incarcerated] criminals, from low-class delinquents to terrorists
mesrine part i elements8
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • “On passe à la télé, Jean-Paul…la GLOIRE, la gloire…”
  • Heroism, to be remembered
  • Now the icon is assembled: PUBLIC ENEMY #1
  • The media, us, have a natural hunger for such types…
  • Interesting scene: the break-up with Janou occurs in the [sheltering] office of a LAWYER,
  • Insulating conduit between the two worlds…
mesrine part i elements9
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • Which two worlds?
  • The upper and the lower barbarous ones, divided by the tenacity-divide…
  • Then, he and Mercier kill the two rangers and pass the point of no return…
  • To Janou: “No one gets me killed until I decide it to be so”
  • Dehorsou mort(s)…
  • Embrace with DEATH/end of part I
mesrine part i elements10
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • 1970-1973: roves –from the USA to Venezuela, with Mercier and his girlfriend
  • Eventually returns to Paris
  • Throughout this interlude Possibly shielded by the remnants of the former OAS network
  • All in all this extraordinary exile had lasted 6 years—long time to earn the mob’s forgiveness
  • 1972 caught; pulls off another pehenomenal escape from the courthouse of Compiègne with the help of his new associate, Michel Ardouin (highlight of part II)
mesrine part i elements11
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • But that only buys him 4 months of freedom
  • Meanwhile the show thickens: enter Commissaire Broussard, the SUPERCOP
  • The natural enemy of Public Enemy #1
  • Both tough, both ambitious, vain—respectful of each other’s manhood
  • A total show
  • The paper are having a ball with this, of course
mesrine part i elements12
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • Broussard apprehends him in 9/1973
  • And M. ends up at La Santé, Paris’ High-security penitentiary/sentenced to 20 years
  • In essence it is over—the jig is up
  • But then, possibly to cause an embarrassment to the presidency of Giscard d’Estaing
  • 3/1978: His lawyer (most likely) slips a pair of guns in the prison so that Mesrine may improvise one more, his last, evasion…
mesrine part i elements13
Mesrine-Part I/Elements
  • 1978-1979: the final act
  • Variety of shenanigans, robberies, obscure political dealings
  • But mostly an absurd circus of publicity, fomented by the media, which interview him in clandestine fashion, even though he is a supposedly super-dangerous fugitive
  • The obvious finale: the grand ambush (possibly orchestrated by pro-Giscardian forces to put an end to the charade) at the Porte de Clignancourt
the bandit
“The Bandit”
  • Spiritual drift: Peaceable vs. Barbarous
  • Tenacity: Low vs. High
  • This yields 4 categories:
    • PLoT: The Dropout
    • PHiT: “The Engineer”
    • BLoT: The Low-Class delinquent/Don
    • BHiT: The politician/CEO/Techno-General
  • And Mesrine?
the bandit1
“The Bandit”
  • Spiritual drift: Mixed, with far weightier leaning toward violence, “un fauve” (Sylvia)
  • Tenacity: Decidedly low
  • BUT intelligent, artistic (fine writer, illustrator and cook), dissipative, erotic, HEROIC (code of honor)…AND…
  • The third dimension…Greedy vs. Death-Prone
the bandit2
“The Bandit”
  • So may redefine our 4 initial categories:
    • Low-Class Delinquent?
    • BloT/G
    • CEO?
    • BHiT/G
    • The Engineer?
    • PhiT/G
    • The Dropout?
    • PloT/G
  • And 4 new categories…
the bandit3
“The Bandit”
  • Consider:
    • PloT/D:
    • The terrorist (righteous)
    • BHiT/D
    • The Condottiere (Mussolini, Hitler…)
    • PhiT/D
    • The Martyr
    • BloT/D:
  • The BANDIT