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Sikhism and Prakash Utsav Celebrations at Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib

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Sikhism and Prakash Utsav Celebrations at Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On the auspicious occasion of Prakash Utsav, the Punjabi community from all around India plans their journey to Patna City for a visit to The Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib. Worried of the food concerns for your journey? RailRestro will serve you food all around the journey routes. Just call 8102-888-111 or visit our website @ Read our blog @

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guru nanak preaching
Guru Nanak Preaching


basics of sikhism
It is the world’s youngest religion

Its founder was born in 1469.

The Sikhs have ten Gurus.

The Sikhs call God ‘Waheguru’.

Guru Granth Sahib is their holy book.

The Sikhs worship only one God in his Abstract form.

According to the Sikh beliefs, God is the eternal truth.

Their common salutation is ‘Sat Sri Akaal’.

Basics of Sikhism
prakash utsav patna sahib
Prakash Utsav- Patna Sahib
  • Prakash Utsav is the celebration time for the Sikh community falling in the month of November during Kartik Poornima.
  • Prakash Utsav celebration is similar to all other GuruParb; the only difference is the enchanting of hymns.
  • The intense passion in the Sikhs for the SEVA (offering) and LANGAR (free meal) can be seen all over the Punjab district and other states of India.
what happens
What Happens

The celebration commences with procession of the devotees which starts from the Gurudwara and proceed to the localities with chanting of religious hymns of Guru Granth Sahib (religious book of Sikh community) followed by the famous “Gatka”. Gurudwara offers a special community lunch called LANGAR which is free for everyone irrespective of cast and creed.

takht harimandir patna sahib
Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib

The Prakash Utsav is lavishly celebrated at Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib with extreme passion and devotion.

takht harimandir patna sahib1
Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib

“It’s the festival to rejoice the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj who was born here and the place is among one of the five takhts (Panj Takht) of Sikhism.

takht harimandir patna sahib2
Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib

The Gurudwara campus at Patna city is specially renovated and well equipped with all the amenities for thousands of devotees who will visit this sacred place to offer their prayer to the almighty and SEVA to the visitors all around.

journey to patna sahib
Journey To Patna Sahib

On this auspicious occasion, the Punjabi community from all around India plan their journey to Patna City.

The journey is programmed in a group with a special written application to Indian railways for booking of a whole coach in the train of that prospective route.

Earlier, the community traveling in train used to carry their stoves and all other required kitchen accessories to cook their food in train.


At this moment, thanks to the e-catering companies who have shed the load of carrying food during the journey. There are seven famous dishes of Punjab which can be easily ordered in train to avoid that extra baggage of food items which every family carries on their journey. Now order them through or just dial 8102-888-111 to place your group order 30 minutes before the arrival of train and you will get the hot and fresh Punjabi food delivered at your seat.


So whether you are traveling from Ludhiana or Patiala, Amritsar or Bhatinda, Ambala or Chandigarh, the holy place of Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib welcomes you for the grand celebration of Prakash Utsav. Enjoy the celebrations with best food experience from RailRestro.