7 common web design mistakes how to avoid them n.
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Web Application Development Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Application Development Company

Web Application Development Company

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Web Application Development Company

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  1. 7 Common Web Design Mistakes & How to  Avoid Them   With the recent increase in the usage of smartphones andtheinternet,webdevelopment                 has seen some significant improvements over the past few years. But still,therearesome           top common mistakes that web designers are making over and over. In this article, we             have come up with some of the most common web design mistakes and how web                 designers can stay away from hurting their website’s overall engagement.                                                                   1. Not Using Responsive Web Designs   No matter what operating system your customer is using or how the latest the             smartphone is, everybody across the globe is using a smartphone and hence more than               50% of searches are conducted on smartphones and tablets. So, one of the biggest web             design mistakes is that not displaying the content and images properly especially on               smartphones and tablets can lead to drastic losses for your businesses.                                                             

  2. Source: Medium   According to a study, 17% of the global’s 876 million websites have been designed               responsive-friendly. In addition to that, recently Google launched a search update that           penalizes all non-responsive websites in smartphone searches so not having a responsive           friendly design will create a common website design mistakeforbusinessesthatgenerate             leads online.                                                           2. Depending On A Free Website Builder   There are various platforms that offer free website building services which take no more               than 10 minutes to launch a new website. The hugeproblemwithsuchtypesofservicesis                 that each and every web design addsabunchoflinestothebackendcodeandthosemake                 the website load slower. As a result, this is a web design mistake that leads to huge                 performance issues and unlimited errors.                                                                       

  3. Source:   If you have a limited budget, then try buying a premium web design themewhichalready                 has an eye-catching look and impressive style for the website you wanted to have. Also,             there are thousands of freelance developers or CustomSoftwareDevelopmentCompany             who can help you in designing a custom theme at cost-effective prices.                                               3. NotIncluding Actual Web Design Elements   Some websites are completely overloaded with too many features and functionalities           while others ignore the basic design elements of their website. Having too many             customizations can result in slowing downtheperformanceofthewebsitealongwiththat             countless errors. So finding a good balance is important.                                           

  4. Source:   The case would be the same as photos, videos, banners, and other kindsofvisualcontent.                 Overall, your website shouldbedesignedinawaythatitleadsthecustomers’eyetomake                 a positive action such as requesting more information, asking for a quote, etc.                                     4. Bad Usage Of Headers, Footers, And Sidebars   Businesses always think that headers, footers, and sidebars are designed for advertising           purposes. Nevertheless, it is a big no-no for websites that display a very high number of                 ads and banners when thereisnoorverylittlecontenttogoalongwithit.Suchspacescan                   be used for extra navigation within the website.                                                   

  5. Source: Oh 4 Marketing   Of course,wearedefinitelynotsayingthatitisnottherightplacetoplaceabanneracross                     the topofthepagetoadvertisenewpromotions.Instead,whatitmeansisthatyou​haveto                 remember the significance of designing and have to maintain the balance throughout the             website.                                                       5. Not Providing Enough Customer Information   Some websites display too many advertisements, while some others spend numerous           hours and advertise currency in order to drive customers to theirwebsitesbutintheend,               those fail to capture a sale or even a lead. But what are the chances of that consumer                     returning to the website? Veryfew.Thismeansyouneedtoinvestmoremoneyinorderto               retarget campaigns or other strategies so that you can get yourlostcustomerback.Some             big companies just waste too much money every year assuming this very same thing             without even realizing that they are not capturing the customers’ information.                                                                                                     

  6. Source: Gaze Techno   Now, web design mistakes can be avoided by designing a homepage opt-in offer which               your website visitors can see. Whether it is an instant coupon for a discount or free               shipping on retail websites, it will get your lost customers back to your website.                                   6. Not Having Quality Web Design Content   Rich quality content has been one of the significant things that some ofthebestwebsites                 have constantly been maintaining. And yes, there are website owners who actuallyspend             thousands of dollars on building an eye-catching website and then consider the actual             content part as an afterthought. This leads to mistakes in web design and gives worse               results than expected as it is the number one way to engage website users and improve                 the conversion rates.                                                                             

  7. Source: Medium   In order to figure out if your content is good enoughinqualityornotthenjustcheckyour                   click-through rate for visitors. By this, you can certainly understand whether people are               viewing multiple pages on your website or just leaving as soonastheyopenyourwebsite.               In the end, give high-quality content importance as much as designing a website.                                                     7. Hiding Crucial Information In Web Design   Another common websitedesignmistakeismakingimportantinformationdifficulttofind.             For example, a homepage should have links to FAQs, return policies, shipping details,etc.               Another vital component such as products/services and blog page should also have their           own subcategories in the menu bar when a website visitor features that specific section.                                           

  8. Source: Afapl   While creating the sitemap or the navigational layout of your website, it is important to             design it based on customers’ requirements and make those pages or informationeasyto             find.                                     Conclusion   Itcouldbeagreatstartifyou’relookingtocreateasuccessfulwebsite.Thewebsite​design                     isn’t rocket science. Sometimes, web developers make easy and not unusual mistakes in           web design but a leading ​Web Application Development Company ​doesn’t make such mistakes​.                                                       Creating an appealing website is critical, however, it’s also vital to create a website that  makes you money.   Original Source: Technians