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Web Application Development Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Application Development Company

Web Application Development Company

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Web Application Development Company

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  2. About Web development is a process of develop a website and refers to task associated with build websites to host with help of internet or intranet. The Web development service includes application development, web design, custom content development, network configuration and all other tasks. Web development process used for the small and large organizations and business. The web development team can consist many of peoples as developer for develop a part of coding, designing and quality testing. Web Development is also a course that helps to learn how to use building blocks of program or code section .

  3. Our Service • Web Application development • Graphic design service • Independent testing service • Digital printing technology • Data analytic service • Enterprise cloud solution • Software technology stack • Responsive website design • Mobile and web layout design

  4. Website Development Life Cycle • Gathering Information:The most important task at the time is gathering information, clear understanding of your website purpose and your target audience as you want to attract on your website. • Planning:At this stage of development cycle the developer creates planning about data that help to judge how the website look like entirely and selection for technology stack. • Design: After the stage of planning your website takes design. The designer’s work on the design phase and gives result for visual content like image, video and photos. • Content writing: Content is also a necessary part of website. It is the way that you like to communicate with audience of your website. It tells to visitor that what is in your webpage. • Coding: At this step you can start with coding first for home page and their sub page added in hierarchy structure . It’s a very crucial stage so developer should be a deep understanding of code. • Quality Testing:In this stage website should be tested by software tester. You should check every page, form and every script carefully. • Review and launch: At the last step review the whole website or check then upload to a server for launch the website finally.

  5. GET IN TOUCH Call us Office Location Hong Kong, Europe, India, China Email ID's Phone Number +91 120 4245163 Website