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How to Build Your Web page Mobile Friendly PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Build Your Web page Mobile Friendly

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How to Build Your Web page Mobile Friendly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Build Your Web page Mobile Friendly

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how to build your web page mobile friendly1
How to Build Your Web page Mobile Friendly
  • If you view this website on your phone, you will notice all the content displays perfectly in one column, but if you view it on a desktop computer, you will see 2 columns.
  • This is an example of a receptive website design. It's a trend that people are utilizing now to make their websites more mobile warm and friendly.
why responsive website design
Why Responsive Website Design?
  • The goal with responsive web designing company Bangalore is to have one site with numerous elements that will respond effectively on unique sizes of devices. No need to make several versions of the site anymore.
  • Remember, most users do not take pleasure in any site that causes them to take supplemental steps to use it. Also having an effect on the problem is the fact that many smartphones on the market and tablets can be used either in landscape or portrait position.
why responsive website design1
Why Responsive Website Design?
  • Smartphone users may be able to run over their screens to view all the columns, but it's best to make sure they don't have to. Images should instantly resize, so they won’t appear distorted.
how to create a website responsive
How to Create a Website Responsive
  • How to Create a Website Responsive
  • What method you choose is going to depend on the time you're willing to invest and amount of money you want to devote. Here are a couple of options you can consider...
  • Get a Responsive WordPress Style
  • This is the simplest solution for most people and since more and more people use WordPress to create websites, it's becoming a more well-known choice. A reactive theme already has the code in place out of the box. So as soon as you install it, you're done!
  • So if you created your site with WordPress, just search for a theme that is already reactive .I use the Prose theme and love it. I am also using that same theme for this site even though it's static.
making use of media queries css3
Making use of Media Queries (CSS3)
  • If you don't have a responsive theme or you have an HTML / static website, you can add media queries to your established web designing companies Bangalore. Sounds challenging, but that just means you have code in a style sheet that tells the browser how to display your website in different answers.

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {

#sidebar {display: none ;}


If you use WordPress, you can find your style sheet under Physical appearance >> Editor.

dealing with image based headers
Dealing With Image-Based Headers
  • The Responsive Images Wordpress blogs plugin will allow you to create different sized headers that will load depending on the size of the mobile device. If less competent mobile devices are being used, this will allow them to download smaller image files.
entrusting your mobile responsive design
Entrusting Your Mobile Responsive Design
  • If you'd instead not fuss with any of this, you can always hire someone to do the job.
  • Sites like Elance and oDesk help you find experienced people. Plus, you can preview their work history and feedback.
  • In fact, if your established mobile responsive design is quite complex, it might be better to use outsourcing for the task to prevent you from pulling your hair out.
  • Just remember to choose your developer wisely.
entrusting your mobile responsive design1
Entrusting Your Mobile Responsive Design
  • Avoid the urge to save money in development, since you don’t usually get more than what you paid for.
  • Good developers are worth the selling prices they charge. Be open to working together with them, and be ready to discuss any details they may have to show you.
  • As soon as you post your job, freelancers can begin making use of. Many will only reply with a stock message and their resume/experience affixed.
factors to avoid with responsive patterns
Factors to Avoid With Responsive Patterns

1. Slow loading websites.

  • If you want to deliver a full-size practical experience even on mobile devices, you’ll want to make sure that mobile users will essentially wait for the page to load.
  • Many mobile users actually leave after waiting only five seconds for a page to be loaded.

2. Hiding important content.

  • website designing companies in Bangalore have the ability to hide any element of the website. For example, you can opt to hide your sidebar on very small devices.
  • Make sure this makes sense for your website. The goal is not to penalize mobile users for the devices they have chosen. Make sure that the most important functions of your website can still be accessed.
factors to avoid with responsive patterns1
Factors to Avoid With Responsive Patterns

3. Thinking that one-size-fits-all will work

  • Mobile devices mean more than just smaller screen sizes. There needs to be more effective use of responsive design than on the site layout alone.

4. Disregarding context

  • Each system has its own interfaces, chances and constraints. Keep all those variables in mind when you strive to create a user experience that will feel natural.
  • Think about the icons that people use, and how they orient their devices. Responsive sites should go outside the browser box and reach out to the user.
how are menus handled
How are menus handled?
  • Not all navigations look great "as is" when sites become responsive.
  • If you don’t handle this appropriately, the nav can break in unusual places on mobile screens. Think about the small screens when you are working on planning your site.
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