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FARO ScanArm Information and Application for Foundry Trevor Murcko – FARO Arm Sr. Account Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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FARO ScanArm Information and Application for Foundry Trevor Murcko – FARO Arm Sr. Account Manager

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FARO ScanArm Information and Application for Foundry Trevor Murcko – FARO Arm Sr. Account Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FARO ScanArm Information and Application for Foundry Trevor Murcko – FARO Arm Sr. Account Manager. FARO – Brief History and Investor Relations.

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Presentation Transcript

FARO ScanArm Information and Application for Foundry

Trevor Murcko – FARO Arm Sr. Account Manager


FARO – Brief History and Investor Relations

FARO was founded in 1982 by Simon Raab and Greg Fraser who met while completing their PhD work at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. After two years of development, FARO launched three medical/surgical products based on its articulated arm measurement technology in 1984, 1986, and 1988, respectively. The Company moved from Montreal to Lake Mary, Florida in 1990, and shortly after that was asked to develop a larger, more robust version of its technology for use as a portable quality control tool for manufacturers.

By 1994, FARO had completely transitioned from medical markets to the much larger worldwide industrial manufacturing market. On the basis of strong sales, profit growth, and the large underserved market, FARO went public in 1997 and its shares began trading on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol FARO. FARO acquired four technologies in 1998, 2002, 2005, and 2008 to expand its product offering, broaden its worldwide distribution, and expand its product lines into laser-based inspection technology.


FARO - World-Wide Network

Over 17,000 installations worldwide!

Stuttgart, Germany


Lake Mary, FL




  • The FARO Laser ScanArm V3 and MAGNALINE ScanArm
  • Ideal solution for:
    • Non-contact inspection
    • Point cloud-to-CAD comparison
    • Reverse engineering.
    • Rapid prototyping
  • Users can hard-probe measure prismatic features, then laser scan free-form surfaces.
  • Ability to scan millions of points in minutes for highest-degree of detail
  • The FARO ScanArm empowers the process of delivering top-quality products to market more quickly.
  • The FARO Arm – “The Portable CMM”
  • By-far the world’s leading solution for portable 3D measurement.
  • Working volume from 4’ – 12’ (expandable)
  • Unlimited Rotation in joints
  • Temperature sensors in each joint to ensure accuracy in any environment
  • Stress sensors to ensure accuracy
  • Blue-tooth for complete wireless solution!
  • Quantum Arm: The latest innovation from FARO. World’s most accurate portable CMM (+/- 0.0008” on 8’ volume)
  • Platinum Arm: FARO’s most popular solution. +/- 0.0012” on 8’ volume.
  • Fusion Arm: All the functionality at a lower cost. +/- 0.002” on 8’ volume.

FARO ScanArm Applications for Foundry

  • Inspectionof patterns, molds, and castings.
    • Probe inspection
    • Laser-scan inspection
    • Inspection of patterns or permanent molds to CAD…ensure quality castings
    • Laser-scan inspection of wax molds for investment casting
    • Final inspection of castings
    • Inspection of casting “stock condition” for post-processing, machining, etc
  • Process control
    • Scan patterns, molds, and castings at various stages of production to gather data and better understand process.
  • Reverse-engineering
    • Create models of patterns that have no models
      • Much faster re-manufacturing or manufacturing via different method
      • Loss-prevention
    • Create model from existing part so casting plan can be generated
    • Create model from existing part currently made with different method
    • Create models of “as-built” pattern/mold that has been hand-worked or modified….no longer matches original model
  • Rapid prototyping and Simulation
    • Scan sample part (or mock-up) as basis for development and prototype creation (export directly to prototype machine)
    • Scan pattern and/or casting for running casting simulation

Inspection –CAD-based inspection with FaroArm Probe

  • We can probe a casting/pattern. Note the ability to take inspection points on ANY surface on-the-fly and compare to CAD.
    • You can see by the colored dots where the part conforms and where there is error (and by how much).
  • Ability to pick features off CAD and then inspect them
    • You can see by the labels how the features match the model!

Close-up with deviation labels

Report is automatically-generated….with part views and all data in multiple formats

And remember….all of this is captured as an inspection program…even FASTER for next part!


Inspection – CAD-based inspection with FARO laser ScanArm

For the ultimate in inspection, we can laser-scan the casting or pattern!

We scan and compare it (completely) to the CAD model! From this we get a more complete view of how this part deviates from the perfect CAD model.

With one click, we can place individual deviation points as well

Again, nearly all of this process can be automated! Scan the part and hit “GO”


Inspection – CAD-based inspection with FARO laser ScanArm

We can also cross-section laser-scan data for 2D dimensioning.


Reverse-Engineering with FARO laser ScanArm

We use the FARO ScanArm to scan the casting/pattern and then process the data from a point-cloud to a polygon model into a finished CAD model

Or, we can cross-section the scan and export the curves for modeling in native CAD packages (SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro-E, etc)


Recap of Benefits....Cost-Justification

  • Below are my thoughts on the major benefits our technology offers. These can be used in your cost-justification:
  • Significant improvements in inspection time
      • Eliminate non-value-added time! (customer isn’t paying you for this)
  • Utilize Inspection programs for fast, effective measurement by ANYONE!
    • Simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete measurement
    • Automatically-generates CMM report!
  • Laser-Scan-inspect for even greater speed!
    • HUGE reduction in inspection time. It takes 5min to scan and compare your casting to CAD!
  • Laser-Scan-inspect for more COMPLETE inspection!
    • Full comparison of pattern to model….or casting to model….or casting to pattern!
  • Inspect/calibrate parts/patterns in-house with much greater accuracy
  • Reverse-engineer parts with incredible speed
    • How long does it currently take you to reverse-engineer a part in-house?
  • Get CAD model backup of critical patterns.
    • Use models to remanufacture patterns
    • Use models to make changes
    • Use models to run SIMULATION for castings
    • RISK MANAGEMENT: What if your old patterns get damaged?!?!?
  • Inspect parts “from-scratch” quickly….easy to align new part to CAD
    • Saves more time and allows more users to inspect parts!
  • Significantly-Reduce lead time to your customer.
    • Greater satisfaction = more work!
  • Ability to win more business based on your advanced capabilities. Who is the customer going to give the work to? The ones that use advanced technology to ensure highest quality and shortest lead times!

Thank you for your time. Please contact me if you have any questions or require further information.


Trevor Murcko| Sr. Account ManagerFARO | 250 Technology Park | Lake Mary, FL 32746Phone: 412.559.7737 | Fax: 407.562.5289Nasdaq: FARO | |