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High Performance, Virtualized Data Center

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High Performance, Virtualized Data Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High Performance, Virtualized Data Center. Foundry Team: ================================ Mike Henson/Rob Gregory-RSM Tim Davis/Rob Plante-SE Mark Thompson-CAM. Agenda. Foundry Key Differentiators Business Value Product Overview Questions. Key Trends & Design Solutions .

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high performance virtualized data center

High Performance,Virtualized Data Center

Foundry Team:


Mike Henson/Rob Gregory-RSM

Tim Davis/Rob Plante-SE

Mark Thompson-CAM

  • Foundry Key Differentiators
  • Business Value
  • Product Overview
  • Questions
rapid bandwidth growth growth trends in data center
Rapid Bandwidth GrowthGrowth Trends in Data Center

Load on network & servers continues to rapidly grow

Enterprise data centers: ~35% YoY

Internet data centers: 50% - 100% YoY

Information access anywhere, anytime, from many devices

Fixed PCs, laptops, PDAs & smartphones, telecommuting, proliferation of broadband

Mainstream servers moving towards higher speed links

1-GE to10-GE in 2008-2009

10-GE to 40-GE in 2010-2012

High-speed data center-MAN/WAN connectivity

Supporting service loads

High-speed data center syncing for disaster recovery

achieving scalability in data center deploy high capacity platforms
Achieving Scalability in Data CenterDeploy High Capacity Platforms

High Performance & High Density Switches & Routers

Scaling to 512 10GE ports per chassis

Four different chasses for ideal fit

No need for proprietary protocols to scale

Up to 32-port trunk groups providing 320Gbps of link capacity

Highly scalable DC Border Routers

3.2 Tbps capacity in a single chassis

10 Million routes, 1 Million in hardware

2,000 BGP peers

2K L3 VPNs, 16K L2 VPNs

Scalable L4-7 Application Switches

High port density for GE and 10GE application connectivity

Unmatched Security, Scalability and Performance

Up to L4 CPS @ 350,000 & L7 CPS @ 120,000

DDoS Protection @ 8 Million SYN/Sec

64 10-GE port Upstream

768 1-GE port Downstream

data center high availability 1 highly resilient platforms
Data Center High Availability (1)Highly Resilient Platforms

Equipment resiliency is crucial for achieving high availability

Switch/Router requirements to ensure network resilience

Full hardware redundancy

Separation of Data and Control plane

Hitless management failover

Hitless Software Upgrade

Fast boot up time

Passive system backplane

Packet and buffer corruption error checking

Online Insertion and Removal (OIR) for all components

ECC memory on all modules

CRC for packet buffer checking

data center high availability 2 resilient network design
Data Center High Availability (2)Resilient Network Design

Network resilience essential to provide uninterrupted service even in case of server, network element or partial power failure

Network Resilience

Layer 2 Resilience using Virtual Switch Redundancy Protocol (VSRP), Scalable RSTP, MSTP, MRP

Layer 3 Resilience using VRRP, Graceful Restarts, MPLS

Routing Protocol Resilience

Robust routing with over 10 yr deployment exp.

Graceful Restart for BGP & OSPF

Bi-direction Forwarding Detection (BFD)

Monitoring & Troubleshooting Tools

Proactive monitoring using sFlow

Advanced OAM protocol support for fast detection

SNMP based management and notification

optimizing power cooling space efficiency eliminating roadblocks to scalability
Optimizing Power, Cooling & Space EfficiencyEliminating Roadblocks to Scalability


Power & cooling among the top contributors to OpEx

Rising energy cost is a global trend

Rack space becoming scarce

All are potential limiting factors to data center scalability

Gartner surveys show:

42% of managers believe cost & availability of power will be a limiting factor in the next 3 years

Optimizing power & cooling is #2 driver for consolidation*


Deploying power efficient servers and networking devices is critical

Optimizing watts/Gbps, watts/MIPS

Consolidate switches in the access & aggregation layers into ultra- high capacity switches

Provides better power, cooling, and space efficiency

Reduces operational overhead




* After controlling server sprawl.

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

data center virtualization
Data Center Virtualization

Virtualization enhances power efficiency, manageability, collaboration, service availability, and security

Server consolidation and virtualization

Improves server utilization and increases power efficiency

Control server sprawl and improve manageability

Virtualized network services extend the server virtualization concept

VLANs, VRFs, VPLS, Virtual IPs (VIPs) provide virtualized network services

Extend virtualization from data center into the MAN, and the WAN

Extended virtualization allows for

enhanced server/data center abstraction (via VIPs) to facilitate maintenance without observable downtime

Application traffic separation for SLA assurance, or regulatory compliance

Resources segregation to virtual zones for better security

Application/computing power sharing between campuses across MAN/WAN and increasing collaboration

Source: Gartner, November 2007

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

network resource virtualization inside the data center
Network Resource VirtualizationInside the Data Center


Multi-VRF for Layer 3

VLANs for Layer 2


Unified network infrastructure

Lowers maintenance & capital costs

Application separation

Provides better SLA

Regulatory compliance

Multiple Security Zones

Obviates need to create physically separate secure zones

Pooled networks resources

Better utilization of available bandwidth



NAS Pool

Data Processing


Virtualized Web /

Application Server Pool


network resource virtualization beyond the data center border
Network Resource VirtualizationBeyond the Data Center Border

Web & Application







Layer 4-7




DC Border







Internet Peering

DMZ Zone Servers

Default Zone


  • VPLS-based Segregation
  • Extend virtualization from data center into the MAN, and the WAN
  • Segregates and secures confidential data for regulatory compliance



Secure Zone Servers

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

convergence of lan san a critical step in data center evolution
Convergence of LAN & SANA Critical Step in Data Center Evolution

Compelling benefits drive the move towards LAN/SAN convergence

Simplified server connectivity and cable routing

One network technology to manage lowers administration costs

Reduced CapEx and sparing costs: common I/O cards, common routers/switches

Higher data center availability due to reduction in server & network components

Improved power and cooling efficiency

Ethernet emerging as the fabric of choice for converging server and storage traffic

Allows for leveraging the performance/price curve of Ethernet

Fibre Channel devices mostly 4 Gbps, 8 Gbps showing only this year

Take advantage of upcoming higher-speed Ethernet (40-GE, 100-GE)


© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

foundry s leadership in the data center networks
Foundry’s Leadershipin the Data Center Networks

Over 11 years experience in serving DC customers

Over 15,000 customers worldwide

Over 60+ Corporate and Product Awards

Leader in Product Innovation

1st 512 10GE Port Switch

1st two Billion PPS Switch & Router Families

1st Multi-Terabit MPLS & Internet Core Router

1st GE Switch and 10GE Switch

Complete portfolio of High-Performance Data Center (DC) products



L4-7 Application switches

IronView Network Manager

NetIron MLX

Router Family

BigIron RX

Switch Family

FastIron GS / LS

ServerIron Application

Switch Family

outlook for data center convergence enabling convergence today tomorrow
Outlook for Data Center ConvergenceEnabling Convergence Today & Tomorrow






iSCSI/FCoE Converged Links


iSCSI/FCoE Converged Links





Converged Edge Layer

All Converged Data Center




Today - 2009

2010 - 2011

2012 - 2015

  • NAS, iSCSI, & FCIP are viable technologies today
    • Utilize reliable IP communication over existing Ethernet fabrics
  • FCoE emerges in ~3+ years – under standardization
    • Requires new attributes in the Ethernet fabric: congestion management, lower latency
    • Requires compliant I/O cards and networking devices
    • New technology needs time to achieve maturity and multi-vendor interoperability
  • NAS, iSCSI, FCoE will likely compete for new deployments in the future

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

accelerating data center convergence foundry s foundation for convergence
Accelerating Data Center ConvergenceFoundry’s Foundation for Convergence

Highest performance for supporting high-utilization converged links

Advanced end-to-end QoS for performance guarantees to storage and mission critical traffic

Core devices with lossless Clos fabrics, and advanced distributed buffering

Lowest latency with full L2 & L3 intelligence

INM for further enhancing operational simplicity

Rapid deployment

Reduced operational errors for greater reliability

Enhanced network visualization for fast troubleshooting

Border Router





Converged Link

  • Hi Perf.
  • QoS
  • Lossless
  • Low Latency
  • L2/L3
  • Hi Perf.
  • QoS
  • Hi Perf.
  • QoS
  • Lossless
  • Low Latency
  • L2/L3

Data Processing & Application Servers



Web Servers

IronView Network Manager

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

netiron xmr backbone routers data center border routing
NetIron XMR Backbone RoutersData Center Border Routing

Industry’s most scalable, highest capacity IP/MPLS core routers

3.2 Tbps capacity in a single chassis

10M routes, 1M in HW

2,000 BGP peers

2K L3 VPNs, 16K L2 VPNs, 32,000 PWEs

32-port Carrier Trunks

GE, 10GE, SONET/SDH interfaces

100Gbps FDX capacity per full slot

Redundant HW & non-stop SW design

Designed for resilient & scalable next-generation infrastructure

Industry leading power efficiency

Advanced QoS for multi-service networks

NetIron XMR Routers

netiron mlx routers bigiron rx switches core aggregation
NetIron MLX Routers & BigIron RX SwitchesCore & Aggregation

Performance without compromise

Wire-speed performance for all services

Distributed switching fabric eliminates head of line blocking

Industry leading port capacity per system / per rack:

Up to 1536 1-GE or 512 10-GE per system

Up to 54 GE ports per RU

Up to 18 10GE ports per RU

Industy leading power efficiency

As low as 6.3 Watts/Gbps FDX for BigIron RX switches

As low as 8.0 Watts/Gbps FDX for NetIron MLX routers

Future-proof investment

MLX and RX designed with 100Gbps capacity per full-slot

BigIron RX Switches

NetIron MLX Routers

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

high performance data center optimized application switches
High-Performance, Data Center Optimized, Application Switches

Modular, High Availability, L4-7 Application Switches

Purpose-Built, Modular, Data Center Class L4-7 Application Delivery Switches

High Density port configurations for Gig and 10Gig application connectivity

Hardware-Assisted Security and Integrated SSL Acceleration

Global Server Load Balancing for Datacenter redundancy & failover

Support for major Enterprise and Service Provider applications

Unmatched Security, Scalability and Performance

Up to L4 CPS @ 350,000 & L7 CPS @ 120,000

DDoS Protection @ 8 Million SYN/Sec

Redundant AC/DC Power

Compact, L4-7 Application Switches

Entry-Level Purpose-Built Stackable Data Center Class L4-7 Application Switch

Hardware-Assisted Security and Integrated SSL Acceleration

L4 CPS @ 40,000 & L7 CPS @ 15,000

DDoS Protection @ 1 Million SYN/Sec

Redundant AC/DC Power Option

ServerIron 350-Plus

ServerIron 450-Plus

ServerIron 850-Plus

ServerIron 4G

ServerIron 4G-SSL

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

multi site redundancy and enhanced performance using gslb
Multi-Site Redundancy and Enhanced Performance using GSLB

Global Data Center Deployment Problems


  • Handling site failures transparently
  • Providing best site selection per user
  • Leveraging both DNS and non-DNS methods for multi-site redundancy
  • Providing disaster recovery and non-stop operation





  • ServerIron GSLB Solution
  • GSLB controller works with local ServerIron to load balance global data center traffic
  • Incorporates site health, load, user proximity, and service response for user site selection
  • Provides transparent site failover in case of disaster or service outage

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

ironview network manager integrated management for all foundry products solutions
IronView Network ManagerIntegrated Management for all Foundry Products & Solutions

Increase system availability & up-time

Simplify deployment, configuration & maintenance

VLAN and VIP Provisioning Tools

Account for, archive & audit all network changes

Powerful sFlow monitoring and reporting tools

© 2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

foundry s data center solution a commitment to innovation and performance
Foundry’s Data Center SolutionA Commitment to Innovation and Performance

The leader in scalable Ethernet

2x the capacity of the closest competitor

Long track record of Data Center innovation

Best in class Layer 2/3 and 4-7 Scaling and Performance

Consistent, low latency under different loads for L2/L3/L4-7

Densities of up to 512 10GE or 1,536 GE in a single chassis

Half power/cooling requirements of competing products

Advanced capabilities for network virtualization

Built for maximum uptime with advanced hardware and software resiliency