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Honor 2-3

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Honor 2-3 . Honor As an Upper-class Cadet. Review. How has FERPA changed the Honor System? Who may report an Honor Violation ? Who investigates an accused Violation of the Honor Code? Do Investigations have a time limit to be completed by?. Review.

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Honor 2-3

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honor 2 3

Honor 2-3

Honor As an Upper-class Cadet

  • How has FERPA changed the Honor System?
  • Who may report an Honor Violation ?
  • Who investigates an accused Violation of the Honor Code?
  • Do Investigations have a time limit to be completed by?
  • Who determines whether a cadet has violated the Honor Code?
  • Who may defend a cadet accused of an Honor Violation at an Honor Trial?
  • How many members of the Honor Court must vote “Guilty” during a Trial in order for a Cadet to be found Guilty?
  • What happens to the evidence collected during an investigation if a cadet is found Not Guilty by the Honor Court?
  • How many options does a cadet have if he is found guilty of an Honor Violation?
  • How many grounds for Appeal are there?
  • What is an Honor Board of Review?
honor representative elections
Honor Representative Elections
  • You will choose your new Honor Representatives at the return from Christmas furlough
  • Remember to vote based on the quality of the individual
  • Choose a person that:
    • Has ‘follow-through’
    • Will be professional and fair
    • Has a good work ethic
    • Trustworthy to regulate and supervise the Honor System
honor representative elections6
Honor Representative Elections
  • Being an Honor Rep is the Opportunity to:
    • Give back to the Citadel
    • Positively affect the Corps of Cadets
    • Help the Cadets in your Company
    • Create the best Honor System for the Corps
    • Remember its OUR Code!
honor education program designed on character development model
Honor Education Program Designed on Character Development Model
  • Conceptual model establishes basis for goals and objectives
  • Corresponds to Institutional values and mission
  • Supports assessment efforts to determine effectiveness of instruction

Practical Application within Career field


Practicing Ethical Leadership


Institutional Values & Professional Issues



Rules & Policies

(Honor Code)



the spirit of the code
The Spirit of the Code
  • The Honor Code
  • A cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.
  • The Code is not an all conclusive standard for personal honor; It’s a great start.
the spirit of the code9
The Spirit of the Code
  • The Honor Code
  • A cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.
  • How does the Code ‘flesh out’?
  • The Code is further explained and defined within the Honor Manual, providing the framework for the system.
the spirit of the code10
The Spirit of the Code
  • The Honor Code
  • A cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.
  • What relationship does the Spirit of the Code have to the Code itself?
  • The Spirit of the Code should change the way we live our lives, during and after our time at The Citadel. It is designed to train cadets to live honorably both on and off campus.
spirit of the honor code
Spirit of the Honor Code
  • Though the Honor Code serves as the minimal standard it also:
    • Embraces truthfulness in its aspects of cadet life – prohibits lying
    • Calls for complete fairness in human relations and personal endeavors – prohibits cheating
    • Requires respect for the person and property of others
    • - prohibits stealing
    • Demands a personal commitment to uphold the ethical standards of The Citadel – prohibits toleration of unethical acts

Live by the Spirit of the Code and

live “above the common level of life”

honor as an upper class cadet
Honor as an Upper-Class Cadet
  • Living Honorably means going further than adherence to the Code
  • Being an Honorable Upper-Classmen means you ARE a principled leader
  • The standard you set is the one that the under classes will follow in the future
  • Remember, YOU run the Corps
  • YOUR actions will either help or hurt the Corps, act in a manner that reflects this
honor as an upper class cadet13
Honor as an Upper-Class Cadet
  • Role of Honor in Guard Duty:
    • Be fair when conducting Morning Room Inspections
    • Do not make “Grudge Pulls”
    • Remember to ask the PROPER question when questioning cadets about possible violations of regulations
honor as an upper class cadet14
Honor as an Upper-Class Cadet
  • The Role of Honor as Weekend Duty:
    • Be Proactive
    • Do not allow Cadets to Back or Forward Sign
    • Check your punishment sheets after every hour and check with cadets who have not signed in
    • Hold a Formation before punishments start to ensure Cadets know how to properly serve punishments
honor as an upper class cadet15
Honor as an Upper-Class Cadet
  • The Role of Honor in Leadership:
    • Be impartial and fair
    • Do not Grudge Pull or allow others to do so
    • Fill out All-In sheets properly
    • Perform Rife Counts properly
    • Ensure Rifle Count Sheets properly filled out
    • Do not allow Cadets to go AWOL --Do not tolerate statements like “Don’t check my room tonight”, etc
honor as an upper class cadet16
Honor as an Upper-Class Cadet
  • The Role of Honor in Leadership:
    • Take good accountability
    • Give Proper accountability reports
    • Set a good Example for your peers and your subordinates
    • Learn from the actions of past leaders in the Corps
    • Absorb the positive and get rid of the negative
case study 1
Case Study 1
  • A knob and several of his classmates stumble in from general leave highly intoxicated.  One of the knobs is missing his cover and another does not have his blouse entirely zipped.  The senior on guard stops the knobs and pulls them off to the side.  He smells the alcohol on their breath and asks if they have been drinking.  Knob X replies that he has not been drinking, but the senior knows that this can not be the case because he smells the alcohol on the knob’s breath and the words were slurred.  The senior then asks Knob X if he is underage, and the knob replied that he was twenty one.  The OG takes the knobs names down and releases them to their rooms.  He investigates further only to discover that the Knob X is not twenty-one, and therefore lied to him.  He pulls the knob for the honor violation of lying about both drinking and his age.
case study 1 review
Case Study 1 Review
  • Did the OG ask the knobs an improper question?
  • Technically no, The OG has probable cause, but could he have asked the question better?
  • Was he justified in Pulling the knobs for an Honor Violation?
  • Yes, the knobs lied to two questions.
case study 2
Case Study 2
  • A 2d class cadet, Cadet A, had a fake ID. While on leave on Parents Day Weekend, that cadet purchased some beer. A few minutes later, the bartended asked the cadet for proof of his age, and Cadet A showed the fake ID. The bartender served him a few more beers, but then became suspicious when he noticed the name on the cadet’s credit card (for running a tab) did not match the name on the ID the cadet had shown, so the bartender confiscated the ID and reported the incident to Citadel Public Safety. At an honor court hearing, Cadet A claimed there was no violation—he had been served the beer before he had been asked for the ID.

Did Cadet A commit an honor violation?

case study 2 review
Case Study 2 Review
  • Yes Cadet A committed an Honor Violation, The court found Cadet A guilty of using a fake ID. Regardless of whether he showed the ID before or after purchase, he used the fake ID to prove that he was of age to drink legally, when in fact he was not.
case study 3
Case Study 3
  • Cadet B is serving punishments and is restricted to campus. It is Sunday, and Cadet B has just spent a long day Saturday marching Tours. Cadet B simply wants to sleep and does not feel like waking up every hour to sign the Restrictions Sheets. Cadet B decides to write "Sleeping" next to his name and draw an arrow to indicate that he will be sleeping for the entire period of Restrictions. Sure enough, Cadet B sleeps the entire day, missing all of the ten-minute windows during which he is supposed to be signing the Restrictions Sheets. At the end of the day, the Weekend Duty Senior in Cadet B's Company notices what Cadet B has done. The Weekend Duty Senior notifies her Company Honor Representatives and Cadet B is formally accused of the Honor Violation of Lying.
  • Has Cadet B committed an honor violation?
case study 3 review
Case Study 3 Review
  • Cadet B is found not guilty of the Honor Violation of Lying. Cadet B forward-signed his Restrictions for the entire period and he was not at the Duty Location during the ten-minute windows to sign. However, he was in his room sleeping as he had indicated on the Restrictions Sheet. "Sleeping" is not administratively acceptable, but it is not lying as long as that is what the individual is doing.
case study 4
Case Study 4
  • Cadet Y submitted a special leave. As justification, she indicated she had to attend Air Force Reserve drill that weekend. Cadet Y asked to leave Friday at 1200 (missing parade) to attend the drill. There was no further elaboration. Her unit drilled at Shaw AFB at Sumter, SC. The leave was granted. Cadet X saw Y at a party at Folly Beach that evening with her boy friend. Cadet X, commander of Cadet Y's company, had signed off on the leave, so he asked Cadet Y why she was not at reserve drill. Y said it did not start until 0800 the following morning. Cadet X turned in Cadet Y for an honor violation, feeling she had gotten out of parade and lunch formations under false pretenses.
  • Is what Cadet Y did a honor violation?
case study 4 review
Case Study 4 Review
  • Yes. The court determined that Cadet Y had not told the full truth when she submitted her request for leave. By asking to leave at 1200 for reserve drill, she was leaving the impression that (1) either the unit was of such distance that she had to leave early as it would be impossible to make the drill if she left after parade on Friday or Saturday morning, or (2) she had a drill assembly that evening, a common practice. By being intentionally vague on the leave request, she was getting out of duties/formations that she was otherwise not entitled to. Had she written on the leave that her drill started at 0800 Saturday, the request to leave before parade would have been denied. She had ample time to drive two hours to Sumter after parade.


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Review this presentation at the Honor Committee Webpage http://citadel.edu/r3/honor/index.shtml

  • Summary:
    • Review from Honor 2-2
    • The Spirit of the Code
    • Honor as an Upper Class Cadet
    • Case Studies