First days of school
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First Days of School. Day 1. Homeroom “To Do” List. Write your name on agenda and point sheet Staple or tape your point sheet to agenda Look over your schedule and make sure you know where you are going today….

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Homeroom to do list
Homeroom “To Do” List

  • Write your name on agenda and point sheet

  • Staple or tape your point sheet to agenda

  • Look over your schedule and make sure you know where you are going today….

  • Place supply donations in the back of the room (and thank your parents when you get home today)

  • Organize Cobb County folder

Homeroom expectations

  • Go to breakfastin the cafeteria BEFOREcoming to homeroom.

  • Go to your lockerBEFOREcoming to homeroom.

  • You must have a passto leave homeroom. Do not got to other homerooms.

  • Please be seatedand readingin homeroom by 9:05.

To get a locker next week
To Get a Locker next week

You must return the papers in the LEFThand side of your folder:

  • 7th Grade Student Information Sheet

  • Clinic card

  • Receipt of the Parent Information Guide

First days of school

7th Grade Class Schedule

Welcome to advanced content language arts
Welcome to Advanced Content Language Arts



Week at a Glance

LA Supplies

Room Layout

Ice Breaker

Homework: Favorite Quote


HR: County paperwork

La supplies
LA Supplies



Composition or spiral (writing journal)

Notebook paper


Flash Drive (school store)

Index card donation

They melt in your mouth first day ice breaker

They Melt in Your Mouth…First Day Ice Breaker

Getting to know you – M&M Style


  • Choose your four favorite colors from the bag of M&M’s.

  • Find another person that you do not know who has one of the same color M&M’s.

  • Share your answers to the corresponding question on the list and eat the candy.

  • Wait for the signal and find another person with the same color and repeat step 2.

  • You cannot use the same person for two colors (you must rotate for each color)

Conversation starters

Conversation Starters

Red – What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Yellow – What was your best vacation?

Brown – What are your favorite stores to shop in?

Orange – What are your three favorite movies?

Green – What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

Blue – What are you most proud of?

Day 2 thursday agenda
Day 2 – Thursday Agenda

  • Attendance

  • Handbook (1-8)

  • Commercial Break

  • “Rambling Autobiography” – Journal Entry

    Reminder: materials for binder cover; finish quickwrite

    (Summer Reading)

Benefits of quickwrites
Benefits of Quickwrites

  • Bring out the writer

  • Build confidence

  • Make you think

  • Develop fluency

  • Bring out the reader

  • Help you grow as writers

Guidelines for quickwrites
Guidelines for Quickwrites

  • Write until time is called

  • “Go with the flow”

  • Write at least half a page

  • Be willing to share

  • We will not judge or criticize

  • Don’t worry you might not finish

  • “A Rambling Autobiography”


  • Bring your quote tomorrow

  • Bring LA binder and dividers

  • Bring your writing journal with the first quickwrite

Day 3 friday agenda
Day 3 Friday - Agenda

  • Quickwrite Share

  • Organize Binder

  • Acrostic (Binder cover)

La binder tabs
LA Binder Tabs

  • Homework

  • Notes

  • Grammar

  • Reading

  • Keeper

Writer s journal assignment
Writer’s Journal Assignment

Your assignment for Friday will be to personalize your LA binderwith a poemthat represents you.

Somewhere on each you must include the following things:

  • Name Acrostic in large letters (first name and last initial)

  • A quote that describes you or means something important to you

  • Pictures (photos, clip art, magazine clippings etc.)

  • Words that describe you

  • Bright colors

  • Bold decorations

First days of school

  • Sweet grandchildren have blessed me

  • Hearing the sounds of their laughter I am fulfilled

  • A

  • R

  • O

  • N

  • Because “Wrinkles should only indicate where smiles have been.” – Mark Twain

My name
“My Name”