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THE CHURCH. “Church ”: a language lesson. Kyriake (Greek): belonging to the Lord Ekklesia (Greek) :“those called out,” a convocation or assembly Secular: legislative assembly NT: community called out of the world to live differently We are summoned to: Be different (holy!)

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church a language lesson
“Church”:a language lesson
  • Kyriake (Greek): belonging to the Lord
  • Ekklesia (Greek) :“those called out,” a convocation or assembly
    • Secular: legislative assembly
    • NT: community called out of the world to live differently
        • We are summoned to:
          • Be different (holy!)
          • Be in the world but not of the world
          • Gather to act on behalf of/in the name of God
          • Be united with Christ
church what does it mean
Church:What does it mean
  • Catholics who gather at liturgy

liturgy – “the work of the people”

  • Local parish community

Ex: St. Michael’s, Our Lady of Lourdes

  • Universal community of believers

catholic: Greek for universal

Catholic: Proper noun referring to Roman Catholic Church

symbols and images of the church
Symbols and Images of the Church

Sheepfold -“The flock of which God himself foretold that he would be the shepherd…” (CCC 754).

Cultivated field – “That land like a choice vineyard has been planted by the heavenly cultivator” (CCC 755)

symbols and images continued
Symbols and Images Continued
  • Building of God – “The Lord compared himself to the stone which the builders rejected, but which was made into the cornerstone, on this foundation the Church is built by the apostles and from it the Church receives solidity and unity” (CCC 756)
images and symbols
Images and Symbols
  • Body of Christ
  • Bride of Christ
  • Vine and Branches
  • Marian Images
  • People of God
church as mystery
Church as Mystery
  • Theologically: inexhaustible – not unknowable
  • Images (models) help us to describe what we already understand

Ex: church as servant, bride of Christ

  • A reality imbued with the hidden presence of God
    • Emphasizes ongoing work of Jesus in human history
church s mission purpose
Church’s Mission/Purpose

“The Church’s first purpose is to be the sacrament of the inner union of men with God” (CCC 775).

  • To continues the work and presence of Jesus Christ in the world with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Goal: unite all things – human and divine realities in Him.

  • The Church aims to create and nourish the relationship between each individual soul and its Creator.

“The Church is the visible plan of God’s love for humanity because God desires that the whole human may become one People of God, form one Body of Christ, and be built up into one temple of the Holy Spirit.” (Lumen Gentium)

who makes up the church
Who makes up the Church?
  • Jesus Christ
  • Apostles
  • Holy Spirit
  • US!All human beings
    • Religious: Bishops, priests, nuns, etc.
    • Lay people: everyone else


Physical (visible): structures, governance, and people exist within the world as a part of the Church.

Spiritual(invisible): Mystical Body of Christ; Church in heaven.

*We are a Pilgrim Church, “We are made of the world but not of the world.” (John 15:19)

-Complex reality of the visible and invisible church



From the beginning of time into eternity!

God created the world to enjoy communion with Him.

Convocation of men with Christ  convocation is the Church

The Church, at the end of time, will be perfected in Glory within heaven (eternal).

Visible Church: 33 A.D. – present

Invisible Church: ∞

church history
Church History

Theological ideal vs. Reality within history

  • The “how” of the Church is recorded throughout history including all of its failuresand successes.