francois butin and lau gatignon eatm 15 april 2014 n.
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  1. Francois Butin and Lau Gatignon, EATM, 15 April 2014 K12

  2. K12 • The crane consolidation in TCC8 (the target cavern upstream of NA62) is almost completed and soon the reinstallation of the r emoved beam elements can start • At and after the T10 consolidation, the target alignment will be verified andthe very small misalignments of the QNRB corrected if possible. • After that the roof shielding can be closed. • In the coming months the double wall airlock will be installed in TCC8 and also in GHN300. • A fence must be installed in the dump tunnel. Closed with a RP key. • In parallel the new NA62 detectors arriving from the collaborating institutes are being installed. Experimental Area Status

  3. Reinstallation as soon astheTCC8 crane is available again QNR TCX Both are self-aligning

  4. Fast valve relocation • Now that we have agreed to install only one fast valve, it was deemed to install it as far downstream as possible, i.e. just upstream of GTK3. • The 32 cm of longitudinal space required implied a displacement of the two last achromat-2 magnets by 32 cm. • The magnetswill be reinstalledsoon

  5. Double separation wall The order has been placed with Sarvadon. Also a separation will be made in GHN300

  6. Ventilation system for 2014 • With the double separation wall in place, the air separation between ECN3 and TCC8 should be OK, apart from leaks between the ventilation units. • CV will take care of the pressurization of the double wall. • Therefore we will STOP the ventilation in TCC8 in the technical run at the level of the double wall with dampers. This should rather efficiently stop theair flow from TCC8 into ECN3. • With those measures the operation of the ventilation system should beclose to the final version, apart from the bad shape of the ventilation units.

  7. Remaining work on vacuum system • The beam line vacuum remains to be remounted and leak tested, following the various modifications. • The control is being implemented by the vacuum group • The expansion vessel next to the RICH remains to be connected. • The blue tank vacuum is on track. The planning for commissioning is tight due to late closing of the tank (detector arrival) and one should be aware that commissioning can take more time e.g. in case of leaks. As discussed before.NA62 has been reminded that it is very important to close the tank as early as possible

  8. TCC8 & ECN3 planning SBA (January) To be updated after crane renovation in TCC8

  9. Other issues • The GL vs I curve of QNL magnets will be measured and parameterised.This should lead to an even better understanding of the optics of P42 (and K12). We have also a better understanding of the gradients in QNR magnets. • Understand / confirm orientation (H/V) of 4-jaw collimators. • Consolidation and realignment of T4 target (late Summer).Replace 200 mm head by a 180 mm head (slightly better for T10 flux). • The gas extraction and the H2 infrastructure must be installed → see next slide • The RP monitoring system will be completed. • Minor improvements to the side shielding of the K12 TAX. • Install a fence atthe entrance to the dump tunnel. • Cesar upgrade, details still to be finalised. • Not discussed here: infrastructure not directly related to beam (rack cooling, etc)

  10. Experimental Area Status