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A.M. Sensuality Tips: Making the Most of Morning Wood

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A.M. Sensuality Tips: Making the Most of Morning Wood - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Waking up with morning wood can be frustrating for many men. Sensible sensuality tips can lead to more frequent morning playtimes to relieve that intense woody and start the day off right.

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When a man is ready to rise and shine, he usually isn’t the only one who’s up and at ‘em. “Morning wood,” or a woody that is present when one awakens, is a very common occurrence and is a sign of good male organ health. Experts know that morning is, for many men, the time when they are biologically most ready for intimacy, so indulging that morning tumescence makes sense. Of course, sometimes a man needs to take a few steps to prepare for a.m. activities. The sensuality tips below can help make morning play both more likely and more enjoyable.

  • Allow enough time. On weekends, it’s usually easy to accommodate wake-up play, but weekdays can be more challenging. Therefore, it’s wise to wake up early enough to make sure there’s time for some relaxed coupling. How much time? That depends on the couple. Many enjoy a “quickie” and may find five minutes sufficient; others may want 30 or 40 minutes (or more) in order to properly enjoy some together time.



Watch the breath. Probably the biggest negative associated with having relations just after awakening is that dreaded morning breath. Couples should definitely have a plan for conquering this obstacle. Many people need to urinate upon first awakening, so they can quickly brush their teeth at the same time. But for those who wake up and want to get right down to business, keeping some breath mints or mouthwash and a “spit cup” on the nightstand is a must.

  • Be clean. Since there’s likely no time for a shower before beginning the morning festivities, men should take a shower the night before. Those men whose bodies tend to attract odor easily should keep some deodorant and/or cologne nearby for a quick application upon waking. Many women find a guy’s “bed head” – that messy I-just-woke-up look – appealing, but if it goes from messy to rat’s nest-y, run a brush through it a couple of times.



Warm her up. Guys may wake up with a woody that is raring to go, but that doesn’t mean their lady friend is in quite as advanced a state of receptivity. It often helps to take the time to gently awaken the special woman, perhaps by whispering arousing sentiments into her ear while putting one’s arms around her for a warm hug.

  • Make the most of the lead-up. Unless a quickie is on the menu, start by sensually removing her nightclothes and any undergarments she may be wearing. Take time doing this and be sure to express appreciation for the body that lies underneath these clothes. Spend time exploring all of her sensitive areas, and don’t be limited to using hands. A man should let his mouth, his feet, his legs and his male organ caress his partner’s body as he seeks to stoke her sensual fires.



Know one’s (time) limit. Play before work can put a big smile on the faces of both partners. But if there’s concern about taking too long and being late to work, it can make one or both partners too anxious to really enjoy the event. If this is potentially the case, the couple needs to enter into it with the agreement that, as much as they might like to stay in bed for hours, they will stop at a certain time – even if one or both partners has not climaxed yet. After all, the goal is to enjoy the experience and the closeness resulting, not to focus solely on the final moments.



No list of sensuality tips for improving morning fun would be complete without reminding a man that he must keep his manhood in good health. Daily application of a first rate male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is crucial for appropriate male organ health maintenance. For optimal results, select a crème that includes both vitamins A and C. Vitamin A conveys strong antibacterial benefits which help to eliminate persistent male organ odor (a major turnoff for many women). And vitamin C is associated with advanced collagen production, which not only delivers excellent skin tone and elasticity but also contributes to proper male functioning.