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Building An Online Store On A Tight Budget PowerPoint Presentation
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Building An Online Store On A Tight Budget

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Building An Online Store On A Tight Budget - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building An Online Store On A Tight Budget

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  1. Building An Online Store On A Tight Budget Doing a business is all about risks, calculated risks, more precisely. You can’t just go out there with your idea and start your business. There are many ideas, waiting to be ‘sold’. So, the question arises - is it that simple? Honestly? It’s not simple, but it’s not difficult either. "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."--E. James Rohn The easiest way to ‘sell’ those ideas, would probably be, going for an e-commerce platform. You have the product, now you need to build a store - a place where you could market, promote and deliver them. So, what’s the most important thing you need to start a business - well, apart from that idea you have? Money. A budget - a foolproof budget plan, to start you off. That’s not quite easy, right? How to plan your budget according to your preferences? Especially, if you have little money and you really want to start a business. There are some important points you need to keep in your mind while making a tight budget, before creating an online store. Being good at what you do. No need to experiment with a new territory. Your intuition plays a big role in here - go with it. Engage your business around something useful. If you are still not sure, do a survey of the things people usually need, and come up with your own version of it. Don’t overflow your expenses. You can get carried away with your thoughts while starting a new business. Just go for the simpler version of what you think is ‘cool’. Tools like Ideator and Evernote, can really prove fruitful. Use less costly services. For menial tasks, there are service like Fiverr and Upwork, from where you can really cut down your costs, and still have a good webstore.

  2. Be Saleable: Starting a business requires some knowledge about SEOs or content writing, marketing etc. Sell your services too, by selling the knowledge you have. We have the know-hows with us, what about some online selling portals which enable the sellers to create an online store? One of the best e-commerce platforms that provides these services at a reasonable pricing, would probably be This ecommerce platform offers multiple plans to meet different business requirements, where you can choose one which best suits your needs and also get started with a 15 days Free trial.It offers an easy to use interface to modify and manage your store, a host of design customization tools for your store, on top of features like social network integration and SEO optimization to boost sales. There are no additional bandwidth charges even if your site is attracting high traffic. They also offer discounts on Silver and Gold yearly plans when advance payment is made, along with the free trial. There are different features for different types of plans - ranging from SIlver, Gold, Gold Plus and Enterprise. The Enterprise one is request based. Apart from it, the Marketplace Listing feature is available in all the plans. However, the advanced ecommerce modules are available on the Enterprise plan - which include multilingual support, product comparison, widget library too. Social media logins are available in all the plans - be it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. As compared to its counterparts like Zepo, Kartrocket and Shopify - Buildabazaar provides a better platform for online selling. Being the first of its kind, it still has an edge. It provides marketing solutions with Ignite, along with Marketplace Integration and Email marketing. It even has an integrated shipping partner, called Shipdroid. A SaaS-based platform, BuildaBazaar, has another feather in its hat - a free plan, offering to create an online store at no cost at all. With no set-up fee upon registration, it enables you to upload and sell up to 100 products, and unlimited number of products listed on Infibeam. Even better is the option to have unlimited number of pages and hosting any number of visitors on your store. You also get to customise it according to your preferences, with almost 35 template themes available. It's Payment gateways include PayPal, Paytm etc. With 100+ in-built and 40+ external apps to go with, BuildaBazaar is undoubtedly the platform that you should go for.

  3. Online selling requires a bit of research, but when you have the required knowledge, everything becomes easy. Source: SaaS GeeK