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Officer Training

Officer Training. Officer Training. Value of Officers. Value from National Office Value from local membership. Role of Officers. Keeping vision & goals in front of membership Motivating & encouraging membership Setting example of strong leadership to membership

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Officer Training

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  1. Officer Training Officer Training

  2. Value of Officers • Value from National Office • Value from local membership

  3. Role of Officers • Keeping vision & goals in front of membership • Motivating & encouraging membership • Setting example of strong leadership to membership • Providing resource for continued education of membership • Working as a team-synergy • Training others to be successful officers

  4. Strategy for Successful Organizations • Mission – why they exist • Vision – how will they accomplish the mission? • Values – what do they value? • Goals – SMART GOALS

  5. SMART GOALS Specific Measurable Action Oriented & Aligned Realistic & Results Focused Time Limited

  6. Marketing for NACBA Meetings

  7. Targeted Audience? • Who are we trying reach? • CBAs – to meet their current needs • Support Staff – to help them grow into CBAs • Vendors – to make them aware of church needs so they can provide resources

  8. Communication of Mission, Vision, Values & Goals to Membership • Updates at meetings • National NACBA ~ conference/training/membership/resources/certification • Upcoming events ~ months out ~ not one month at a time • Rejoice in other’s success

  9. Timely notice of meetings ~2 hits • Include paragraph about topic of the month & speaker bio • Special emails • Written communication (personal)

  10. Holding the Membership’s Interest Keep Them Coming Back

  11. Relevant Topics • Current Issues Facing Churches~The Known • Current Issues Facing Churches ~The Unknown

  12. Practical “Take Home & Put to Practice” Applications • Speakers that Relate to Administrators, Not Just Church Body • Don’t Over-Use “Feel Good” or “Spiritual Topics” – Stick to Basic Needs

  13. Special Incentives • Gift for someone with perfect attendance • Free lunch if renew membership by… • Enroll a new member and receive a prize • $$ discount to National Conference • Discount for new memberships throughout the year

  14. Marketing for Professionalism • First Impressions • First-time attendees • Acknowledgement of attendance • Don’t make excuses for meeting (attendance, etc.) • Seat them beside a net-worker • Guest Speakers • Communication prior to meeting • Communication after the meeting • Host Churches • Written expectations prior to meeting • Follow-up after the meeting

  15. Lasting Impressions • First-time attendees • Follow-up with email/note • Invite them back again with their assistant/pastor • Give them a flyer to take back • Guest Speakers • Introduce properly • Follow-up speaker with words of practical application • Send thank-you note • Those that accept money – slip into thank-you note and give to them on the day of the presentation • Host Churches • Thank host church • Recognize Senior Pastor & Administrator • Follow-up with thank you note

  16. Team Building & Involvement • Use More Than One Person for Securing Speaker Topics • Use More Than One Person for Follow-up Communication • Copy Steps Taken to President & Other Officers

  17. Don’t Sit Together at Meetings – Network and Keep Ears Open • Pull in Evaluations From Members & Speakers • Don’t Take Setbacks Personally • Meet Regularly as Officers • Rejoice in Other’s Success

  18. Reap the Benefits • Increase in Membership • Increase in Professionalism – members taking membership seriously • Increase in Knowledge • Increase in National NACBA Level • Joy of training others to become leaders • Joy of helping prepare others for Officer’s role at National Level

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