Berry plastics liner less detergent cap
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Berry Plastics Liner-less Detergent Cap. Team 7. Tom Pepe Ross Rozansky Dale Heintzelman Cherish Wilford Glenn Catlin. Advisor: Dr. Michael Keefe Sponsor Contact: John Tauber. About Berry Plastics. Leading manufacturer of injection molded packaging in the U.S.

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Berry plastics liner less detergent cap

Berry PlasticsLiner-less Detergent Cap

Team 7

Tom Pepe

Ross Rozansky

Dale Heintzelman

Cherish Wilford

Glenn Catlin

Advisor: Dr. Michael Keefe

Sponsor Contact: John Tauber

About berry plastics
About Berry Plastics

  • Leading manufacturer of injection molded packaging in the U.S.

  • Currently working on new product development around liner-less closures

  • With the partnership of UD and our sponsor, John Tauber, a new liner-less detergent cap will be designed

Problem definition
Problem Definition

  • The current cost of polypropylene is rising causing the cap liners to become more and more expensive

  • The cost of the liner is now close to 1/3rd of the total cost to make the cap

  • A new design is needed to eliminate the need for a liner

  • The design should be as effective and inexpensive as possible


Affected customers
Affected Customers

  • Liquid detergent companies, i.e. Clorox

  • Retail stores, i.e. Walmart

  • General public

    • Elderly

    • Middle aged

    • Teenagers

Problem specifics
Problem Specifics


  • Low Cost

  • Maximum Seal Time

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Easy to Grip

  • Easy to Close

  • Simple Design


  • Liner-less Design

  • Injection Molded

  • One Piece

  • Applied Torque

Metrics and target values
Metrics and Target Values

  • Gap Size – Area between cap and bottle does not change from current design

  • Cost - < $60 per 1000 caps

  • Appendage Thickness – None

  • Time Until Leak – 1 hr < t < 24hr

  • Reproducibility of Results - > 90%

  • Loss of Fluid – 0 mL

  • Torque Required – τ = 35 in-lbs

Benchmark concepts
Benchmark Concepts

  • Solo Cap

    • Type of seal

      • Fin seal with bottle

  • XTRA Cap

    • Type of seal

      • Wedge seal to spout




Benchmark concepts cont
Benchmark Concepts cont.

  • All Cap

    • Type of seal

      • Cap lays flat against bottle land; tight tolerance

  • Febreze Cap

    • Type of seal

      • Wedge seal to bottle



Benchmark cap leak testing
Benchmark Cap Leak Testing

  • To determine which concepts work better than others

  • Tested with actual product (detergent) inside

  • Caps tightened to 35 in-lbs

  • Bottles lay flat on their side and checked periodically for leakage

  • Each benchmark tested twice

Leak test results from benchmark caps
Leak Test Results From Benchmark Caps

  • All- Tied for best

    • -Excellent tolerance

  • XTRA- Tied for best

    • -Strong seal to deformable spout component

  • Febreze- Tied for worst

    • -Flimsy spike design

  • Solo- Tied for worst

    • -Fin offered weak seal with bottle

Our concepts
Our Concepts

Two Vertical Fins

  • Fray out to touch walls when screwed down

  • Force from cap walls and plastic fin resilience create seal with both bottle and spout

  • Problem- Space between outside fins and cap interior is too thin

  • Mold has a high probability to break over time from stress

Our concepts cont
Our Concepts Cont.

Flat Contact

  • Proven easy and successful

  • With proper tolerance cap sits flush on bottle top, creating a tight seal

  • Problem- Tolerance would have to be incredible

  • Top of bottle would have to be consistently manufactured completely flat

Our concepts cont1
Our Concepts Cont.

Internal Wedge

  • Cap tightens to inside wall of spout while screwing down

  • Allows more surface contact

  • Allows least amount of liquid to directly reach the seal

  • Fluid pushes cap against bottle naturally

Primary cap design
Primary Cap Design

  • Main Metrics

  • Metric #1- Gap Size (26%)

    • Tight fit

  • Metric #3- Appendage Thickness (18%)

    • No increases in thickness measured

    • from the base. i.e.- injection moldable

Prototype testing
Prototype Testing

  • Same testing procedure as before with water

  • No seal lasted 1 hr.



Change in problem scope
Change in Problem Scope

  • The seal may not be achievable if the bottle was manufactured incorrectly

  • Changing a spec on the bottle itself may be a cheaper and simpler solution than designing a new cap

  • Need to show evidence of the bottle being direct cause of failure before changing specs

Bottle testing
Bottle Testing

  • Tests of current bottles and liner-less caps from Berry Plastics

  • 16 different bottles/16 different caps for a total of 256 tests

  • Bottles lay flat on

    their sides with paper

    towel underneath to

    observe leakage

Bottle testing cont
Bottle Testing cont.

  • Bottles filled with water

    for most extreme testing

  • Caps torqued to 35 in-lbs

    using torque meter

  • Max time limit of 1 hour

  • Results: 48% success rate

Testing results
Testing Results

  • Bottles show more consistency

Bottle investigation
Bottle Investigation

  • Possible Causes of Failure

    • Bottle land flatness

    • Wall thickness

    • Distance from start of thread to bottle land


  • More consistent wall thickness promotes a longer seal

  • Flatter Bottles sealed longer

Bottle manufacturer

Reaming process impact:

Wall thickness


Land distance to thread

Bottle Manufacturer

New bottle testing
New Bottle Testing

  • Success rate of 94.4%

Leak investigation
Leak Investigation



No Gap


  • Implement new bottle specs with old cap design

    • Wall thickness variability- < 0.020 inches

    • Flatness- < 0.010 inches

    • End Lip variability- < 0.005 inches

    • Manufacturer limitations?

  • Create a new cap design

    • Greater wedge angle

    • Same fin from old cap

  • Do both