imaging with entangled photons n.
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Imaging With Entangled Photons

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Imaging With Entangled Photons. Timothy Shokair Physics 138 May 10, 2005. What is Entanglement?. Term Coined by Schr ödinger in response to famous 1935 EPR Paradox paper.

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imaging with entangled photons

Imaging With Entangled Photons

Timothy Shokair

Physics 138

May 10, 2005

what is entanglement
What is Entanglement?
  • Term Coined by Schrödinger in response to famous 1935 EPR Paradox paper.
  • EPR claimed Quantum mechanics was incomplete, Schrödinger responded with a statement based on the Copenhagen Interpretation of QM.
  • Paradox was left alone for 30 years until Bell came up with his theory on hidden variables.
  • Experiment was done by Freedman and Clauser in 1972 that showed strong evidence against local hidden variable theories.
  • Further proof by Kwait, Eberhard, Steinberg and Chiao that was unambiguous.
how do we get entangled photons
How do we get entangled photons?
  • Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion (SPDC).
  • Three Photon process: One UV photon into a crystal where it is absorbed and two lower energy photons emitted.
  • The two photons emerge in an entangled state.
  • See Keller and Rubin Phys. Rev. A v.52 pg. 1534 for full theory.
the crystal
The Crystal
  • Beta Barium Borate (BBO) highly nonlinear.
  • Two types of cuts Type-I, producing photons polarized parallel to each other and Type-II where they are orthogonal.
  • The photons are termed Signal and Idler.
an experiment
An Experiment
  • Pittman, Shih, Strekalov, and Sergienko performed and experiment where they exploited entangled photons to create an image.
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County December 1994
  • Mathematical Details of the Geometry described in a later paper by the same group.
holography experiment
Holography Experiment
  • Proposed by Abouraddy, Saleh, Sergienko and Teich at Boston University in 2001.
  • Using similar methods to the UMBC group the propose to use entangled photons for 3D holography.
  • Signal Photon scatters on remote object while the Idler is locally manipulated using conventional optics.
  • Entangled Photons have been used to create images and give the possibility of high resolution.
  • Holography could be used in a completely non-classical way by imaging a remote object in an isolated chamber where light can enter but not escape.